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jazz trill but wider


music rooted in improv and characterized by syncopated rhythm,steady beat and unique tone colors and performance techniques

call and response

one instrument plays and the other instrument,played back and forth


style of piano music composed and played primarily by black pianists in the south


relaxed style of jazz that often has a triplet rhythm

Bessie Smith

Empress of the blues

jazz rhythm section

usually made up of piano bass and drums

New orleans style

happy style of music,dixieland

scat singing

using nonsense syllables

Louis Armstrong

dixieland jazz improviser,Sachmo

swing music

has a lilt rhythm


bop,complex style of jazz meant for listening usually played by combos

cool jazz

similar to bebop but calmer and more relaxed

free jazz

No certain pattern of chords,not based on regular or established chord patterns


fuse jazz and rock rhythms,Jazz rock

Miles davis

most popular fusion/jazz rock performer


vocal music with a hard driving beat often featuring electric guitar accompaniment and heavily amplified sound

Charlie Parker

Greatest sax player ever,bebop,"bird"

rhythm and blues

blues,jazz,gospel styles

Elements of Jazz

played in a group 3-8 players big band small group or combo,rhythm section


very short melodic patterns between phrases of a melody

country and western

a folk-like guitar based style associated with rural white americans


type of music that blended rhythm and blues with elements of pop


folk songs with rock rhythms

classical rock

third string classical with rock rhythms

psychedelic rock

lighting effects with music,mixed media

acid rock

hard driving rock


rock you can dance to

country rock

country western with rock rhythms


music from west indies concerns social problems,political issues


electrification and syncopated rhythms


raucous style of rock in which the material was typically ultrasimple and performers were not experts

new wave

similar to punk, but not as angry extensive use of electronic technology and outlandish costumes

heavy metal

type of basic rock with sexually explicit lyrics bizarre costumes and tremendous volume


rhythmic talking accompanied by a dj who manipulated recordings on two tables to create a collage of rhythmic effects(similar to recititive,known as sprecksteen)

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