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short answer questions

Olivia pleads for his love but Cesario says the "he" can never love a woman

What does Olivia plead for in her second meeting with Cesario?

Sebastian will go sightseeing while Antonio stays out of sight. Antonio gives Sebastian his money purse in case he wants to buy something. They will meet at the Elephant Inn.

What plans do Antonio and Sebastian make upon entering Illyria?

b/c his actions make no sense. He has completely changed his apperance and demeanor, and when he speaks, he makes no sense.

Why does Olivia believe malvolio is mad?

he finds Sebastian

Who does Feste find while looking for Cesario?

Olivia proposes marriage and he agrees.

What happens between Sebastian and Olivia?

He asks him to bring him pen/ink, paper, and light so that he can write a letter to Olivia.

What does Malvolio ask Feste to bring him? Why?

She believes that he is her husband(Sebastian).

Who does Olivia believe Cesario to be?

Antonio, Olivia, Sir Toby Belch, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, and the Priest

characters that believe Cesario is Sebastian are:

She says that her father had a mole upon his brow, that her father died when she was only 13, and that her "womans weeds" are in the safe keeping of the Captain who will vouch for her.

How does Viola prove that she is Sebastians' sister?

Olivia and Sebastian
Toby and Maria

who is married?

Orsino and Viola

Who is engaged?

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