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life is organized in a hierarchical fashion. Which of the following sequences correctly lists that hierarchy as it increases in complexity?

molecule, cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism, population, community, ecosystem.

Your instructor ask you to look into your microscope to see a prokarytoic cell. You will be looking for a cell that

has a membrane

which of the following statements about the domain bacteria is true?

all bacteria lack a nucleus

Organisms that are prokaryotes are in the domains

archaea and bacteria

Which of the following statements is not consistent with Darwin's theory of natural selection?


a hypothesis is

an explanatory idea that is broad in scope and supported by a large body of evidence

the role of a control in an experiment is to

provide a basis of comparison to the experimental group

which of the following statements regarding matter is false?

matter can be created and destroyed

Which of the following particles is found in the nucleus of an atom

protons and neutrons

What is the atomic mass of an atom that has 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons


What is the fundamental difference between covalent and ionic bonding?

In covalent bonding, both partners end up with filled outer electron shells; in ionic bonding, one partner does and the other does not

Compared to a solution of pH 3, a solution of pH 1 is

100 times more acidic

The temperature of evaporation is much higher for water than for alcohol. Without knowing more about the chemistry of alcohol, which of the following is the most logical chemical explanation for this phenomenon?

fewer hydrogen bonds form between alcohol molecules. As a result, less heat is needed for alcohol molecules to break away from solution and enter the air.

When full, the innermost electron shell of argon contains BLANK electrons, and the outermost shell contains BLANK electrons


An uncharged atom of boron has an atomic number of 5 and an atomic mass of 11. How many electrons does boron have


Lactose intolerance is the inability to

digest lactose

What is the general function of enzymes within a cell

to speed up chemical reations

Which of the following contains a carboxyl and an amino group

amino acids

A major type of lipid found in cell membranes is


Which of the following options correctly pairs a polymer and its monomer


Sucrose is a disaccharide made up of which of the following sugars?

glucose and fructose

Which of the following reaction involves water being added and results in polymers being broken down in monomers?


one centimeter =

10 millimeters

The idea that all living things are composed of cells and that all cells come from other cells defines

cell theory

You are told that the cells on a microscope slide are plant, animal, or bacterial. You look at them through a microscope and see cell walls and membrane-bound organelles. You conclude correctly that the cells

are plant cells

The function of the nucleolus is

to manufacture polypeptides

Tay-Sachs disease

causes an accumulation of lipids in brain cells

The stroma is the

space between the inner and outer membranes of a mitochondrion

A woman is having trouble becoming pregnant. Examination of her partner's sperm indicates that dynein arms are missing from the flagella in his sperm cells. A physician explains that this could interfere with fertility by

preventing the sperm from attaching to the egg cell

DNA replication steps

1. unzipping (separating)
2. complementary base pairing
3. sugar phosphate, backbone formed connecting nucleotides in the two strands

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