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When did the Association moved its headquarters to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida?1965When was the Tournament players division formed?1968When was the Tournament players division renamed to the PGA Tour?1975When was the first PGA Club National Championship?1968When did The PGA dedicate a new 30,000-square-foot national office in Palm Beach Gardens, with 63 staff members on a 2,300-acre complex at PGA National?1981When did the PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance, a 35-acre state-of-the-art practice facility, made its debut at the Port St. Lucie complex?1999What are some of the prestigious golf tournaments the PGA of America owns and conducts?Ryder Cup, PGA Championship, Senior PGA Championship and the Grand Slam of GolfThe Constitution consists of how many articles? What are they?I: Name and Purpose II: Membership III: Organization IV: Meetings V: PGA TourBylaws & Regulations have how many articles?17The mission of the PGATo promote enjoyment and involvement in the game of golf and to contribute to its growth by providing services to golf professionals and the golf industryWho are the 3 officers of the PGA?PRESIDENT, VP, SECRETARYHow are the 3 officers elected? How long is their term?They are elected to a 2-year term by a majority vote of the Delegates at the annual meeting.Who is the Board of Directors comprised of?1. Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary) 2. Honorary President (Immediate past president) 3. Player Director (Elected by the Player directors on the PGA Tour board) 4. District Directors (one representative from each district) 5. Two Independent Directors (Elected by the Board of Directors from a list submitted by the president)Who are the Delegates to the Annual Meeting?1. Board of Directors 2. All Past Presidents 3. Two Delegates from each section 4. Two Player Directors (Must be classified as A-3)What are the responsibilities of the President?Preside over Association meetings. Chairperson of Board of Directors, and represents the association among members and the publicWhat are the responsibilities of the Vice President?RESPONSIBLE FOR FINANCIAL AFFAIRSWhat are the responsibilities of the Secretary?Responsible for membership matters.What are the Board of Directors responsible for?-Manages the Association - Interpret the constitution and bylaws - Modifies RegulationsWhat is the CEO?The administrator and manager of the association and is selected by the BOD.How is the District Director elected? How long?From the section in the district that has been least represented. 3-year termWhat are the responsibilities of the Board of Control and who is it comprised of?Deals with membership issues. Secretary (Chairperson) and 4 PGA members selected by the president. One from each of the 4 geographical areas.Classification of Head Golf Professional?A-1Classification of Assistant Golf Professional?A-8Classification of Teaching Professional?A-6Classification of General Manager?A-13Classification of Director of Golf?A-4A-2HEAD GOLF PRO AT PGA RECOGNIZED GOLF RANGESA-3EXEMPT PGA TOUR PLAYERS, LPGA TOUR, AND OTHERSA-5PAST PRESIDENTS OF THE ASSOCIATIONA-7HEAD GOLF PRO AT A FACILITY UNDER CONSTRUCTIONA-9PROFESSIONAL POSITIONS IN MANAGEMENT, DEVELOPMENT, OWNERSHIP/OPERATION, AND/OR FINANCING OF FACILITIESA-10GOLF CLINICIANA-11GOLF ADMINISTRATORA-12COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY COACHA-14DIRECTOR OF INSTRUCTION AT A PGA RECOGNIZED FACILITYA-15OWNERSHIP OR MANAGEMENT OF A RETAIL GOLF FACILITYA-16GOLF COURSE ARCHITECTA-17GOLF COURSE SUPERINTENDENTA-18GOLF MEDIAA-19GOLF MANUFACTURER MANAGEMENTA-20GOLF MANUFACTURER SALES REPRESENTATIVEA-21TOURNAMENT COORDINATORA-22RULES OFFICIALA-23CLUB FITTING/ CLUB REPAIRDISTRICT 1CONNECTICUT, NEW ENGLAND, AND NORTHEASTERN NEW YORKDISTRICT 2METROPOLITAN NEW JERSEY AND PHILADELPHIA SECTIONSDISTRICT 3DIXIE, GULF STATES, AND TENNESSEE SECTIONSDISTRICT 4CENTRAL NEW YORK, WESTERN NEW YORK, AND TRI-STATE SECTIONSDISTRICT 5MICHIGAN, NORTHERN OHIO, AND SOUTHERN OHIO SECTIONSDISTRICT 6ILLINOIS, WISCONSIN, AND INDIANA SECTIONSDISTRICT 7GATEWAY, SOUTH CENTRAL, AND MIDWEST SECTIONSDISTRICT 8MINNESOTA, NEBRASKA, AND IOWA SECTIONSDISTRICT 9ROCKY MOUNTAIN, UTAH, AND COLORADO SECTIONSDISTRICT 10KENTUCKY, MIDDLE ATLANTIC, AND CAROLINAS SECTIONSDISTRICT 11NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, AND ALOHA SECTIONSDISTRICT 12SUN COUNTRY, NORTHERN TEXAS, AND SOUTHERN TEXAS SECTIONSDISTRICT 13NORTH FLORIDA, SOUTH FLORIDA, AND GEORGIA SECTIONSDISTRICT 14PACIFIC NORTHWEST AND SOUTHWEST SECTIONSHow are regulations changed?BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORSWhat is a PGA Recognized golf course?A golf facility that has at least 9 holes. Each hole has a minimum yardage of 60 yards and a total 9 hole yardage of not less than 1,000 yards and a total 18 hole yardage of not less than 1,500 yards. The golf facility shall have no less than 14 acres in total course area and be planted entirely of grass (excluding artificial tee mats)What is a PGA Recognized golf range?Must have a minimum of 15 tees. Total distance of 150 feet wide and 600 feet long. Must have at least one parking space per tee. A professional shall be available for private or group instruction.What are the 3 governing bodies that have significant roles in enforcing the Code of Ethics?Section Board of Inquiry, Board of Control, PGA Board of DirectorsWhat does the Section Board of Inquiry do with regards to Code of Ethics violations?They investigate complaints of ethics violations within their geographic areas and submit a report of findings to the Board of ControlWhat does the Board of Control do with regards to Code of Ethics violations?The Board of Control initiates the review process and investigates alleged Code of Ethics infractions involving PGA of America national tournaments and other national programs. The Board of Control also reviews cases, either original complaints or appeals, submitted by the Section Boards of InquiryWhat does the Board of Directors do with regards to Code of Ethics violations?It hears appeals of Board of Control decisions. The Board of Directors' decisions in such appeals are final.The first Articles of Golf, or set of Rules, was written when?1744The USGA and R&A issued a uniform set of rules in what year?1952The Rules were substantially reorganized in what year?1984Where was the game of golf established? When?Edinburgh's Brunsfield Links of six holes. 1450.When was the USGA created?December 22nd, 1894Who was the USGA first president?Theodore HavemeyerWhere is the USGA headquarter?Far Hills, N.J.How often are the Rules and Definitions of golf revised? Appendices?Every 4 years. Every 2 years.Describe the process of how rules are changed from questions/submission?1. Questions/submission 2. USGA rules committee 3. Joint Rules committee 4. Quadrennial rules committee 5. USGA Executive committee 6. Effective Jan. 1, Every Four YearsWhy do Rules change?1. Conditions of play 2. Golf equipment 3. Commercialization 4. The quest for equityThere were no rules governing clubs until? Golf balls?1908. 1921.In 1990, the USGA and R&A agreed on ball-size restrictions of what weight max and diameter minimum?1.62 ounces and 1.68-inchesWhen did the USGA limit the maximum number of clubs to 14?1938When did the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews publish the "Regulations for the Game of Golf" ?1893When did the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews agree to become the world governing authority for the rules of golf?1897The first Rules in the US were published when?1893When did the USGA and R&A unify as governing bodies for rules?1951"MAY"OPTIONAL"SHOULD"RECOMMENDED"MUST"MANDATORY (OR ELSE A PENALTY WILL APPLY)"DEEMED"JUDGED TO BE (OR TREATED AS)"THE BALL"THE BALL IN PLAY; THE PLAYER MAY NOT SUBSTITUTE ANOTHER BALL"A BALL"ANY BALL; A PLAYER MAY SUBSTITUTE ANOTHER BALLHOW MANY DEFINED TERMS IN THE RULES OF GOLF?34. 3 appendiciesCONTENT SECTION OF RULES BOOKLISTS EACH RULE- IN 11 SUBJECT AREAS- WITH RULE NUMBER, TITLE, AND PAGE NUMBERINDEX SECTION OF RULES BOOKLOCATED AT THE END, ARRANGES TOPICS ALPHABETICALLY, REFERENCES RULE AND PAGE NUMBERSECTION OF ETIQUETTE FIRST APPEARED WHEN? MOVED TO THE FRONT OF THE BOOK WHEN?1888. 1946."PIN"FLAGSTICK"SAND TRAP"BUNKER"TEE BOX"TEEING GROUND"CUP"HOLE"PIN POSITION"HOLE LOCATIONDEFINED WORDS IN THE RULES BOOK AREITALICIZEDPENALTY STATEMENTS ARE PRINTED IN?REDFIRST AMERICAN GOLF CLUB FORMED AND WHAT YEAR?ST. ANDREWS IN YONKERS, N.Y.//1888FIRST RULES IN THE U.S. PUBLISHED BY WHO AND WHEN?ST. ANDREWS CLUB. NOVEMBER 7TH, 1893.A PLAYER ACCIDENTALLY MOVES HER BALL, WHICH WAS AT REST ON THE FAIRWAY.RULE 18A PLAYER'S BALL IS IN A TREE AND UNPLAYABLE.RULE 28A PLAYER DROPS HIS BALL PROPERLY WHEN TAKING RELIEF FROM A GOLF CAR PATH. THE BALL ROLLS BACK ONTO THE CART PATH.RULE 20A PLAYER'S BALL STRIKES AND UNATTENDED FLAGSTICK WHEN THE BALL HAS BEEN PLAYED FROM THE PUTTING GREENRULE 17A PLAYER'S BALL IS RESTING IN A DIVOT AGAINST A RIDGE OF TURF. THE PLAYER USES HIS CLUB TO FLATTEN THE RIDGE.RULE 13A PLAYER CAUSED HER BALL TO MOVE IN THE ACT OF ADDRESSING ITRULE 18A PLAYER STANDS OUT OF BOUNDS TO PLAY A BALL IN BOUNDSDEFINITION OF OUT OF BOUNDSWHAT ARE THE 4 V'S TO HIGHLIGHT AND DEMONSTRATE VALUE TO YOUR OPERATION1. BE VISIBLE 2. BE VALUABLE 3. BE VIGILANT 4. BE VIBRANTWHAT ARE THE 3 STRATEGIES TO GOLF 2.0?1. RETAIN/STRENGTHEN THE COURSE 2. ENGAGE LAPSED GOLFERS 3. DRIVE NEW PLAYERSWHAT IS THE CORNERSTONE OF THE PGA?THE ABILITY OF ITS MEMBERS TO PLAY THE GAME WELL AND HELP OTHERS DO THE SAMERIGHTS OF PGA MEMBERSHIP?ACTIVE MEMBERS CAN VOTE, HOLD OFFICE, ATTEND THE PGA ANNUAL MEETING, USE PGA'S NAME, INITIALS, AND EMBLEMWHAT IS REQUIRED AFTER SEMINARS IN ORDER TO MOVE ONTO THE NEXT LEVEL?WORK EXPERIENCE PORTFOLIOS AND KNOWLEDGE TESTSLEVEL 1 COURSESGOLF CART FLEET MANAGEMENT, CUSTOMER RELATIONS, INTRO TO TEACHING AND GOLF CLUB PERFORMANCE, BUSINESS PLANNING, TOURN. OPERATIONSLEVEL 2 COURSESTURFGRASS MANAGEMENT, GOLF OPERATIONS, INTERMEDIATE TEACHING AND GOLF CLUB ALTERATION, MERCHANDISING AND INVENTORY MANAGEMENTWHAT ARE THE 3 BIG ASSESSMENTS?1. WORK EXPERIENCE PORTFOLIO 2. KNOWLEDGE TESTS 3. THE FINAL EXPERIENCE4 CRITERIA THAT WILL BE USED TO EVALUATE A WORK PORTFOLIO?1. PRESENTATION 2. PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS 3. COMMUNICATION 4. USE OF TOOLS, TECHNIQUES, PROCEDURESHOW MANY COURSES TOTAL ARE THERE IN THE PGM LEVEL 1-314 COURSESSUPERVISING PROFESSIONALPGA MEMBER COMMITTED TO PROVIDING SUPPORT AND ADVICE TO AN APPRENTICE OR STUDENT IN THE PROGRAMFIRST PGA CHAMPIONSHIPOCTOBER 1916 AT SIWANOY COUNTRY CLUB IN NEW YORKPGA FOUNDATION CREATED WHEN?1954WHAT YEAR DID ALL OF EUROPE JOIN THE BRITISH IN THE RYDER CUP?1979TOURNAMENT PLAYERS DIVISION FOUNDED WHEN?1968WHAT YEAR WAS THE PGA CLUB PROFESSIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP STARTED?1968WHAT YEAR WAS THE NATIONAL OFFICE IN PALM BEACH GARDENS OPENED?1981WHAT YEAR WAS THE PGA EDUCATION CENTER OPENED2001WHAT IS THE VISION STATEMENT OF THE PGA FOUNDERS?THAT GOLF BECOME INCREASINGLY ACCESSIBLE AND ELEVATED AS A PROFESSIONHOW MANY MEMBERS DOES THE PGA HAVE?MORE THAN 28,000HOW MANY PROFESSIONALS ATTENDED THE WANAMAKER LUNCHEON?35WHO WON THE FIRST PGA CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT?JIM BARNESFIRST PRESIDENT OF THE PGA OF AMERICA?ROBERT WHITEWHO WAS THE FIRST AMERICAN BORN PGA CHAMPION?WALTER HAGENHOW MANY PGA CHAMPIONSHIPS DID WALTER HAGEN WIN?5WHERE WAS THE FIRST OFFICIAL RYDER CUP HELD?WORCESTER CC IN MASSACHUCETSWHO AND WHAT YEAR DID THE FIRST AMERICAN BORN PGA PRESIDENT COME TO OFFICE?GEORGE JACOBUS IN 1933HOW MANY PGA CHAMPIONSHIPS DID SAM SNEAD WIN?3THE YEAR DUNEDIN FIRST NATIONAL BANK BECAME THE NATIONAL HQ'S OF THE PGA OF AMERICA?1956YEAR THE PGA CHAMPIONSHIP SWITCHED FROM MATCH PLAY TO STROKE PLAY1958WHAT ARE THE 5 PARTS OF THE CONSTITUTION?1. NAME AND PURPOSE 2. MEMBERSHIP 3.ORGANIZATION 4.MEETINGS 5.PGA TOURWHAT IS THE TERM SERVED BY A DISTRICT DIRECTOR?3 YEARS.THE MINIMUM ACREAGE FOR A GOLF FACILITY?14 ACRES EXCLUDING CLUB HOUSE, GOLF SHOP, AND PARKING AREAS. MUST BE ENTIRELY PLANTED IN GRASS EXCEPT FOR ARTIFICIAL TEE MATS.