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  1. Ataxia
  2. Akinetic
  3. anesthesia
  4. Cranial nerves
  5. tomography
  1. a glucose or oxygen to image the metabolic activity of cells, such as brain cells.
  2. b Without coordination.
  3. c Condition of no nervous sensation.
  4. d Pertaining to loss or absence of voluntary movement.
  5. e Twelve pairs of nerves that carry messages to and from the brain.

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  1. Part of the brain that coordinates muscle movements and maintains balance.
  2. Main relay center of the brain; located in the central region or diencephalon of the brain.
  3. Largest part of the brain; responsible for voluntary muscular activity, vision, speech, taste, hearing, thought and memory, among other functions.
  4. Process of recording the electricity within the brain.
  5. Inflammation of the meninges.

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  1. AstrocyteGlial (neuroglial) cell that transports salts and water from capillaries.


  2. MeningealPertaining to the meninges.


  3. encephalopathyAny disease of the brain.


  4. ComaPart of the brainstem anterior to the cerebellum, between the medulla and the rest of the brain. The pons connects the upper and lower portions of the brain.


  5. MigraineA severe headache, often unilateral, and sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting.