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  1. Radiculopathy
  2. Oligodendroglial cell
  3. Occlusion
  4. Hypalgesia
  5. Microglial cell
  1. a Disease of a spinal nerve root.
  2. b Blockage or obstruction.
  3. c Glial (neuroglial) cell that forms the myelin sheath covering the axon of a neuron.
  4. d Diminished sensitivity to pain.
  5. e Phagocytic glial cell that removes waste products from the central nervous system.

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  1. Nerve cell.
  2. Mental decline and deterioration.
  3. Fainting; temporary loss of consciousness.
  4. Viral (herpes zoster) illness that affects peripheral nerves; produces blisters and pain on the skin overlying the path of peripheral nerves.
  5. Lack of strength in nerves; a feeling of weakness and exhaustion.

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  1. Transient ischemic attackLack of feeling or sensation.


  2. SynapsePertaining to syncope (fainting).


  3. ThalamusAgent of change (light, sound, touch) that evokes a response.


  4. ReceptorLargest part of the brain; responsible for voluntary muscular activity, vision, speech, taste, hearing, thought and memory, among other functions.


  5. AcetylcholineNeurotransmitter chemical released at the ends of nerve cells.