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DolceSweetlySubitoSuddenlyA TempoReturn to the preceding speedRit., Ritard., RitardandoTo slow, to hold backRubatoFlexible tempoAccelerandoIncrease speed graduallyDiminuendoGradually softerCrescendoGradually louderAllargandoGrowing slower and fuller in toneScherzandoIn a playful mannerCodaA passage added to any composition or section to give a stronger sense of finalityTenutoHeld full value in time and intensityFermataA holdA CappellaSung without an accompanimentTuttiEntrance of all singersSfWith sudden emphasisFineEndRallentandoSlow down graduallyCaesuraA break in the music. Grand pause.PianissimoVery softForteLoudPianoSoftFortissimoVery loudAd lib.At will as to rhythm, tempo, etc.CadenceThe close (ending) of a phrase, section or movement