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gek (kr & ng)
moreover, then, after that, come on! quick!
wis ta (ng)
that'll do, that's enough,
let's move on ng
mundhak (ng)
or else, if not...then...
otherwise ng
telat (kr & ng)
late, not on time kr & ng
maju (ng)
to go forward/advance ng
takon (ng)
to put a question to someone, to ask a question ng
metu (ng)
to exit, to come/go out ng
(to go) by way of ng
rusak (ng)
broken down, not working, out of order, damaged ng
sik (ng)
first (before doing anything else) ng
ora usah (ng)
don't need to, to not bother,
to not take the trouble to ng
pamit (kr & ng)
to ask for permission to go somewhere kr & kr
pamitan (kr & ng)
to say goodbye (to each other), to take leave of each other kr & ng
tunggu (ng)
to wait ng
jero (ng)
inside, deep ng
trasi (kr & ng)
fish/shrimp paste kr & ng
sehidup semati (Bhs Ind)
(together) in life and in death
janji (kr & ng)
a promise, a vow,
to promise, to vow kr & ng
nyana (kr & ng)
to think / suspect (that something is the case) kr & ng
mikir (kr? & ng)
to think,
to think about something ng
tega (kr & ng)
to have the heart (to do something cruel or nasty to someone) kr & ng
ninggalne (ng)
to leave/abandon ng
kangen (kr & ng)
to long for,
to yearn for ng & kr
setengah mati (ng / Bhs Ind?)
very, extremely ng