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Where is the eastern edge of Europe and the western edge of the Russian domain approximately located

the eastern border of Ukraine

Why do the authors of your text use the word "domain" when talking about "the Russian domain"?

The term suggests persisting Russian influence within the region.

Where has the Russian domain dumped its nuclear wastes

off the northern island of Novaya Zemlya, in the Barents Sea

What are the primary characteristics of a high-latitude continental climate, as illustrated by the Russian domain

seasonal temperature extremes and short growing season

What is the dominant climate type in the Russian domain


Which country of the Russian Domain has the smallest population in the region


The highest population densities in Russian domain are found in which part of the region

the southeastern part of the region

Where do the majority of the people in the Russian domain live

in the West of the region

When was the Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM) Railroad completed in the Russian Domain


In what region of the Russian Domain was the Soviet Union's Gulag Achipelago located


What was the purpose of Russification

to increase Russian dominance in outlying portions of the former USSR

What Russian city was known as Leningrad during the Soviet era

St. Petersburg

What is the language of the Volga Tatars of the Russian Domain?


Which of the following is NOT a condition of the "Russian Federation Treaty"?

more stringent environmental regulations and standards

Why did the Russian military invade Chechnya in 1994?

because the Chechnyan government attempted to establish an independent state

Where were most of Russia's major territorial gains in the nineteenth century

the Baltic Republics

Which geographic area of the Russian Domain dominates the region?

Slavic Russia

What is perestroika

planned economic restructuring, an early move toward a freer market

Which of the following countries is NOT a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States?


Which of the following internal autonomous areas is rich in natural resources, and has threatened to distance itself from Russia?


What is the primary destination for Russian petroleum products?

western europe

Which of the following areas of Australia-Oceania has NOT been affected by mining?


What land form dominates much of New Zealand?

volcanic mountains

What caused the fjords in New Zealand?

glaciers that carved drowned valleys

Where is the Great Barrier Reef located?

off the northeastern coast of Australia

Which of the following places is the best example of an atoll?

Papua, New Guinea

What is the approximate population of Australia?

20 million

What is the approximate population of New Zealand

4 million

What is the second-most populous country in the Australia-Oceania region

Papua, New Guinea

In what part of Australia do most of its people live


Where did Australia's Aborigine population originate

SE asia

Where did European colonization of Australia and Oceania begin?


In the early days of its colonization, Britain used Australia as a

source of natural resources

What was the purpose of the Native Title Bill, which became law in Australia in 1993

to give Australia's aboriginal population greater control over sacred lands

In what part of Australia-Oceania did the French test nuclear devices as recently as the 1990s?

Bikini Atoll

What is the name of the policy in Australia that promoted immigration from Europe and North America at the expense of other groups?

White american policy

What strategy has been valuable to both Maoris and Aborigines in their efforts to gain greater control over their ancestral land and resources?

the political process

What country agreed to build a spaceport on Micronesia's Christmas Island?


Where are Australia's largest copper, silver, lead, and gold mines located?

in New South Wales and Queensland

In which part of Australia is most viticulture concentrated

just outside of Sydney

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