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using chemical rxns to produce an electrical current
using electricity to make a chem rxntake place

Electrochem and electrolytic celss require

1. oxidation-reduction chemical rxns
2. a set of electrodes to provide electrical conact with the rxn mixture
3. the chemical rxn mixture must also contain ions in order to conduct electricity

inert electrodes

Do Not Take Part In Any Chemical Reaction During Electrolysis

active electrodes

the electrode used on the area to be treated.


oxidation site


reduction side

electrochemical cells

(voltaic, galvanic)
1. a sys thaqt generates electricity through the use of a spontaneous chemical reaction
2. two half reactions (oxidation/reduction)
3. electricity is measured in units of volts

Cell voltage, cell potential, electromotive force

the electricity is measured in units of volts

Standard H electrode

the cell voltage of all chemical half rxns is measured relative to ?????? whose voltage is arbitarily defined to =0
Pressure of H2 gas= 1atm
Temp 25C
1.0 M HCL

Total standard cell potential

the sum of the standard cell potentials for each half rxn


If half rxns are ????? the more positive the E* the greater is its spontaneity

Complete rxn

Use the sum of two half rxns. The more positive the more spontaneous is the rxn


if E*>0 the rxn is ?????

Not spontaneous

if E*<0 the rxn is ????


uses an electrical current to deposit a layer of a metal on another surface

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