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Shakespeare Final

The Tempest
King of Scotland
Who attempted to invade Scotland?
The Irish
How did we first learn of Macbeth
He slew the traitor Macdonald
What is the name of Macbeth's castle?
What does Macbeth say is an unreliable guide?
His ambition
"Sleep no more, / Macbeth does murder sleep"
Macbeth hears this as he kills King Duncan
Duncan's Sons
Malcolm and Donalbain
What are the two things Macbeth says are haunt his mind?
Daggers and scorpions.
Who's ghost does Macbeth speak to at a dinner party?
Who is the leader of the "weird sisters"?
What apparations do the witches summon?
A floating head, a bloody child, a crowned child holding a tree and eight kings, the last one holding a mirror.
What do the apparations tell Macbeth?
Be ware of Macduff, none of woman born can kill him and that he is safe until Birnam Wood moves to Dunsinane Hill.
How does Malcolm determine whether Macduff is trustworthy?
Macduff proves his loyalty to Scotland by agreeing Malcolm may not be a good king.
How is Macduff "not of woman born"?
He was born by a C-Section
What army does Malcolm lead?
The English Army
What king does Malcolm ask for aid from?
King Edward of England
How does Birnam Wood move to Dunsinane Hill?
The English soldiers carry boughs to desguise their numbers.
How does Macbeth die?
He is be-headed by Macduff.
Who becomes King of Scotland?
What is Alonso King of?
What was Prospero?
Duke of Milan
What is the name of Caliban's mother?
Where were the characters headed when they were shipwrecked?
To Africa to visit Alonso's daughter
Who is Antonio?
Prospero's brother
Who are Stephano and Trinculo?
A butler and a jester who treat Caliban humanely.
Who does Caliban want to be King of the island?
What 3 spirits appear to celebrate the union of Ferdinand and Miranda?
Iris, Juno and Ceres.
What trap does Prospero set for his murderers?
He hangs dry clothes for them to steal because they are wet then spirit hounds chase them.
What does Prospero ask of the audience?
To set him free by clapping.
What did Robert Greene call Shakespeare?
An upstart crow
What was Greene's phamplet called?
Groatsworth of Wit
Who was Shakespeare's patron?
Henry Wriothesley, Third Earl of Southampton