Chem 1200 Chapter 1 Review

1 kg = ___m
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Fahrenheit to celsius =(T-32)5/9Density =mass/volumeAll nonzeroes in a measurement are:significantAll zeroes between non zero digits are:significantLeading zeroes that occur before the first non zero digit are:not significantTrailing zeroes are significant if the measurement has a ______________ ____________decimal pointTrailing zeroes in a measurement without a decimal point are _____ _________ unless exponential notation clarifies the quantity.not significantAlso indicates trailing zeroes are significant:terminal decimal pointFor multiplication and division, the answer contains the same number of significant figures as there are in the measurement with the ___________ significant figrues.fewestFor addition and subtraction, the answer has the same number of ________ _________ as there are in the measurement with the fewest.decimal placesIf the digit removed is more than 5, the proceeding number _____________ by 1increasesIf the digit removed is less than 5, the proceeding number:stays the sameIf the digit removed is 5... the proceeding number increases by 1 if it is ________ and remains the same if it is __________.odd, evenHow close the measurements in a series are to each other is:precisionHow close each measurement is to the actual value:accuracyValues produced that are either all higher or lower than the actual value is ___________ errorsystemicValues produced that are higher and lower than the actual value is _________ errorrandomPrecise measurements have low _________ ___________.random errorAccurate measurements have low __________ error and _________ error.systemic, random