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You may pass on the right when the driver ahead isturning left and there is a proper lane on the right.The best way to take a curve is toslow down before enteringWhen approaching or nearing an uncontrolled intersection, you shouldreduce speed and be ready to stopThe order of colors on a traffic light, hung to bottom isred, yellow, greenWhat happens if you loose your license for drunk driving or any other violationyou cannot drive for any reason until the period of suspension ends and your license is restored.The holder of a validated GDL Special Lerner's Permit can be accompanied byany passengers from their shared residents plus 1 additional person.a warning sign is what shape?diamondIf you have a flat tire or blow out you shouldgrip the wheel firmly, let up on the gas pedal; and let car coast to stop.When your license is returned to you after suspension for points( or after completing a DMV Driver Improvement Program)you will be on probation for 2 years.cold pills, tranquilizers and some prescription drugsDrugs that may affect basic driving skillsIf you drink and have reached a BAC of slightly above .05%the risk of your causing a motor vehicle accident is doubleA holder of a student permit must have the following with them while driving:An adult supervising driver in the front seat, their student permit and the registration and insurance ID card.Aggressive driving may causeaccidentDuring rain, snow and ice, all drivers must havewipers and headlights onPractice driving is permitted by a ___________ after they have passed the MVC Knowledge test and Vision exam, have a validated permit and obtained 2 red reflectorized decals, for each license plate.permit holderPractice driving is permitted by a permit holder after they have passed the ______________, have a validated permit and obtained 2 red reflectorized decals, for each license plate.the MVC Knowledge test and Vision examGetting a driver license illegally may result in a fine of$250.00 to $500.00 and/or imprisonment of 30-90 days.A deceleration lane isextra lane at a highway exitA railroad crossing sign is aBlack and yellow circleIf you come to a 4-way stop at the same time as another driver you mustyield to the driver on the rightThe speed limit in a school zone (unless otherwise posted) is25 m.p.h.Before turning right on redyou must make a full stop and check traffic.Before turning, you must signal at least100 feet in advanceIf a person has been drinking, only ________ can sober them upTimeThe shape of a stop sign isan octagon (eight sides)You may not park within _________ of a fire hydrant.10 feetThe best way to talk to other drivers on the road is to use yourhorns and lightsYou may not park within _______ of a stop sign.50 feetAny change of address must be reported to the DMV withinone weekEvery vehicle in New Jersey must be insured withliability insurance coverageWhen parking downhill on a street with a curb, your car wheels shouldbe turned toward the curbAn acceleration lane isan extra lane at a highway entranceWhile driving in the city, you should" drive more slowly, watch for pedestrians, and look at least __________.12 seconds aheadOn a two-lane road, even if you are not near a school, you must________ when a school bus is stopped and its red lights are flashing.stopWhen a school bus had stopped at a school to pick up or let off children, you maypass from either direction at a speed of no more than 10 m.p.h.If you have a tire blowoutslow down graduallyTo safely share the road with trucks and buses, you must know the limitations of these vehicles regardingvisibility, stopping distance required and maneuverabilityIf the drive of a large truck or bus cannot see you in his rearview mirrors, you are intruck's no-zone or "blind spot"The best way to reduce your chances of having an alcohol related accident isnot to drive at all after drinkingHigh beam lights are used forOpen country drivingWhen parking uphill on a street with a curb, your car wheels should beturned away from the curbIf you go into a skid you shouldTake your foot off the gas pedalIf your license is lost and stolen you should immediatelynotify your local police stationWhen driving at night, be sure that you canstop within the distance you can see aheadTo maintain a proper following distance when driving, you should stay at least _________ behind the vehicle in front of you2 secondsOperating under the influence of liquor/drugs and refusal to take a breathalyzer test will result inan Insurance SurchargeA person may drive on public or private property to avoid a traffic sign or signal whendirected to do so by a police officerA holder of a validated GDL permit (21 years of age or older) hasno driving restrictionsA violation fine for a GDL Permit or Provisional License is100 dollarsYour blood alcohol concentration level rises above legal limits depending onthe amount you drink, your weight, and the time you take your drinkThe holder of a Provisional Driver License is permitted to haveno more than one non-household member in the carTo back your car in a straight line, you shouldturn your head and body to the right (looking over your right shoulder) until you can clearly see through the back window.If a person gets drunk in your home and has a motor vehicle accident after leaving your homeyou could be involved in a lawsuitThe NJ speed limit in a business or residential areais 25 m.p.hWhen approaching a railroad crossing with flashing lights you muststop at the crossingAfter driving through a deep puddle, you shouldimmediately test your brakesAt the time of your road test, you must present avalid vehicle registration, a valid examination permit, and a valid insurance I.D. card.During a probationary period, a motorist must enroll ina probationary driving school program when accumulating 4 or more points and convicted of 2 or more moving violations.The meaning of a head signal when driver's hand and arm are downwardis slow or stopIf you are involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting in injuries while your driving privileges are suspended, you are subject to:fine suspension of your driving privileges and mandatory jail sentenceUnder GDL Law, a person is required to attend a remedial training class for the following:accumulation of 4 or more points and conviction of a DUITo avoid highway hypnosis when driving on an expressway, it is a good practice toavoid looking at any one thing for more than a few secondsThe holder of a Provisional Driver License is not permitted touse hand held electronic devices, hand held video games or a cell phone while drivingEffective July 1, 2004, motorist in New Jersey may not use a hand-held wireless telephone while driving except for fire, traffic accidents, and medical, traffic accidents, and medical emergenciesWhen sharing a road with large trucks or buses, you should givemore roadway to a truck making a wide turn, leave more space when stopping behind a truck or bus and maintain a consistent speed when passingUpon completion of the GDL requirements, (one year of unsupervised driving) the holder of a Probationary License mustvisit MVC agency to obtain an unrestricted Basic licenseExcluding dependents, 1 additional passenger unless accompanied by a parent or guardian may accompany the holder of avalidated GDL Special Learner Permit while driving.