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The war of 1812

A war between the United States and Britain the resulted because of capturing naval vessels and Native Americans problems blamed on Britain.

The treaty of Ghent 1814

Both Britain and the US agreed to stop fighting and restore any conquered land; all treaty negotiations cease.

Spain sold Florida

to the U.S

H. Hoetink

(latin america) racial ability
whitening "that is the view of race as a civilization process
lighting of skin helps social mobility
non-white person could not shed
anybody who is not pure white are considered Nigro.

The Manifest Dynasty

John L. O'Sullivan

Texas declared independence from

Mexico in 1836

Alexis de Tocquelle

wrote Democracy

Monroe Doctrine

warned the European not to expand in the Americas

Simon Bolivar

considered the Latin American "George Washington"


mixed spanish & indian background


mixed spanish & african heritage


law that required indians to buy goods solely from local tax collectors


means to turn or rotation

Antonio Narino (aug. 1789)

translated and pulished the French Declaration of the rights of man and the citizens.


people of spanish descent born in America


a term for natives of spain or portugal

April 1865

Robert E. Lee surrendered

The Civil war (1861-1865)

Abraham Lincoln fights to perserve the union

Good neighbor policy

Theodore Roosevelt

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

(1848) yielded New Mexico and California to the U.S

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