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  1. benefactor
  2. malevolent
  3. beneficiary (n)
  4. maladjusted
  5. beneficial (adj)
  1. a As she cast her _______ gaze upon me I could feel my sudden face turning red with fear.
  2. b The Eskimo is at home in an Atic, but I would probably be ______ in that environment.
  3. c The school recieved a large donation from an unknown _________.
  4. d Ms. Adams will inherit a fortune as she is named as the exclusise _______ to her Uncles estate.
  5. e Rest is usually _______ to a person sufering from a bad cold.

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  1. A wrecking crew is ____ the old buidling.
  2. The priest began the mass with a _____ of all the peopl present.
  3. Two news photographers were attacked and their camera destroyed by the mob. It is a disgrace that they were so ______.
  4. Children are _____ on their parents for guidance and direction.
  5. For being absent without leave the corporal was ______ to a private.

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  1. DevourFor being absent without leave the corporal was ______ to a private.


  2. despiseThe bus driver can not take you to your door as he is not allowed to ___ from his normal route./


  3. malefactor (n)Shortly after the crime the ______ were apprehended and sent to jail.


  4. Malnutrition (n)The lack of fresh fruits and vegatbales casues ______.


  5. malice (n)Sue could not understand why someone would wish her such _____ as to tear her notebook up.