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computer concepts 2011 textbook

sound card

A ______ is a device that contains a variety of input and output jacks, plus audio-processing circuitry.


For instant messaging, ____ are the people in a participant's list who are currently online.

downstream speed

The rate of data arriving at your computer from your network connection is your connection's ______.

video capture

The process of converting analog video signals into a digital format is referred to as ______.

data type

The _____ determines what field values are allowed and what other properties the field will have in an Access database.


In Excel, like cell _____, a worksheet group can contain adjacent or nonadjacent sheets


When you reference a cell or range in a different Excel worksheet, the ___ separates the sheet reference from the cell reference


Some search engines use a program called a Web _____ that combs the Web to gather data that is representative of the contents of Web pages.


when you purchase a textbook online from a site like you are participating in e-commerce


A _____ is a question you ask about data stored in an access database.

Radio Frequency

Most wireless networks transport data as _____ signals.

combination chart

In Excel, a chart that combines two or more chart types into a single graph is called a ________.


The process your router uses to keep track of packets and their corresponding private or public IP addresses is called network address _______.


A network of high-capacity communication links is called the Internet ________.


A fixed Internet connection that uses a voice band modem and telephone line to transport data is called a(n) ________ connection.


Web _______ software provides tools specifically designed to enter and format Web page text, graphics, and links.


In the context of networks, the communications________ refers to the set of rules for efficiently transmitting data from one network node to another.


_________ refers to the number of times per second that a sound is measured during the recording process.

field value

The content of a field in an Access database is called the _______.

shopping cart

A _________ is a cyberspace version of the metal cart you wheel around a store and fill up with merchandise.


_____ jacking is when hackers cruise through a business district or neighborhood with a WI-FI enabled notebook computer to intercept signals.


The arrangement of devices in a network is referred to as its _______.


The popular term for unwanted electronic junk mail about medical products, low-cost loans, and fake software upgrades that arrives in your online mailbox is _____.


Each device that is connected to a network is referred to as a(n) _________.


In Excel, a(n) ___ is a named operation that returns a value.


In a 3-D graphic, the process of covering a wireframe with surface color and texture and then creating a still image from it is called ______.


in Excel, a 3-D cell ______ specifies not only the rows and columns of a cell range, but also the range of worksheet names that the cells appear on.


In an Access database, a foreign key is a field in one table that is also defined as a(n) _______ in a different table.


In Excel, some cell references are called ________ references because they are always interpreted in relation to the location of the cell containing the formula.


A bitmap graphic is divided into a grid of individually colored ________.

circut switching

The telephone network uses a technology called ___, which establishes a dedicated, private link between telephones for the duration of the call.


a ____ graphic is cmoposed of a grid of dots


A _______ IP address is one which can be acessed by packets on the internet


A _____ graphic consists of a set of instructions for re-creating a picture.

domain name server

Every domain name corresponds to a unique IP address that has been entered into a ___________.

vacuum tube

An electronic device that controls the flow of electrons in a vacuum.


Regulate current or voltage flow and act as a switch for electronic signals.


Fourth generation computers were different because they had a_________.

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