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Leaving one's country
Coming to a new country
Statue of Liberty
Gift from France; Emma Lazarus wrote the poem on the base of the Statue of Liberty - The Statue of Liberty is located on its own island. Bedloe's or now Liberty Island.
Push Migration
leaving one's country based on factors that force you to seek a new homeland. Ex: Religious persecution economic depression, loss of political rightsPush factors are those which force a person to move. This can include drought, famine, lack of jobs, over population and civil war.
Pull Migration
Pull factors are those which encourage a person to move. These include a chance of a better job, better education, a better standard of living.
Forced Migrations
People fled their country to come here for safety such as during the Holocaust. (Push)
Career Migration
People leave their country because there are work opportunities in another country. Opportunities in the areas of business, government and the military. (Pull)
Chain Migration
A bunch of people come at one time, come, settle and then the rest of the family follows...forms ghettos
Birds of Passage
People who come to a country, make money, then return home and live like KINGS from the money made! As one Slavic steelworker put it: "A good job, save money, work all time, go home, sleep, no spend."
Circular/Seasonal Migration
People move around from area to area, lower level workers, agrarian workers, they move from harvest to harvest. Go and come back.
Contract Laborers
indentured servants; they are brought to a country to work, they make money and they return home. They work 5-7 years to pay for their travel here; 9 hrs day/6 days a week
Received food, clothing, shelter, medical care
(and a little extra)
Hatred of foreigners and immigrants
A desire to limit Immigration. The policy of keeping a society ethnically homogenous.
Absorption into the cultural tradition of another group.
A process by which the culture of an isolated society changes on contact with a different one; A process by which a person acquires the culture of the society that he/she inhabits
an offensive name for an unskilled Asian railroad laborer
Extra on Contract Laborers
• A lot of contract laborers came from Asia in the late 1800's early 1900's.
• Russian Jews were a group of immigrants who came to the US as a result of Russian persecution.
• The US initiates immigration restrictions
o The first immigration Quota Law-
• The number of immigrants for a foreign country could not be more than 3% of the number of immigrants that were already here.
• This favored the English, the Irish and the Germans
o The Chinese had the Chinese Exclusion Act- didn't allow the Chinese in