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Struggle for North America

Europeans fought for the large profits to be made in tobacco, furs and fishing industry.

Building New France

Canada was the New France. Devloped the fishing industry and fur trade. Converted native americans to Christianity

Slow Growth

Many colonies did not do well becasue of starvation and disease. They did not know how to farm the land.

Government Policy

Monarchs asserted control over the American colonies. Self government.

Louis XIV

King of France during the early exploration and settlement of North America. "Sun King"

The 13 English Colonies

Relied on native americans for survival. Grew tobacco for profit. Self governed each colony.

Jamestown, Virginia

This place was America's first permanent home of the English colony.

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Second permanent English settlement in North America. settled by a group of people known as Pilgrims in 1620.

Mayflower Compact

A formal document, written in 1620, that provided law and order to the Plymouth colony.

Treaty of Paris

Ended the French and Indian war. Ensured Brisitsh dominance in North America.

British /French Rivalry

Fought for world dominance. Britan beat France in North America.

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