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-lines blood vessels and air sacs of lungs -permits exchange of nutrients, wastes and gasses

simple squamous epithelial tissue

-lines blood vessels and air sacs of lungs
-permits exchange of nutrients, wastes and gasses

stratified squamous epithelial tissue

-outer layer of skin, mouth, and vagina
-protects against abrasion, drying out, and infection

simple cuboidal epithelial tissue

-lines kidney tubules and glands
-secretes and reabsorbs water and small molecules

stratified cuboidal epithelial tissue

-lines ducts of sweat glands
-secretes water and ions

simple columnar epithelial tissue

-lines most digestive organs (stomach and intestines)
-absorbs nutrients, produces mucus

pseudostratified columnar epithelial tissue

-lines respiratory tract and some tubes of reproductive tract
-involved with celia and goblet cells/attached at basment membrane

transitional epithial tissue

-has several layers and can be stretched in response to tension
-found in the lining of the urinary lining


a group of simular cells connected together


the study of tissues

four types of tissues

epithelial, connective, muscle, and nerve tissues

exocrine glands

secrete product onto a free surface through a duct

endocrine glands

ductless glands and secrete products into the blood

goblet cells

unicellular exocrine glands, other glands are multicellular


flattened or scalelike





simple epithelium

single layer

stratified epithelium

several layers

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