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22 terms

Geometry Area, Surface Area and Volume Rules

title pretty much "sums" it all up. im so punny. A. = area V. = Volume S.A. = Surface Area L.S.A. = Lateral Surface Area ² = squared...duh r = radius
A. of a Rectangle
Length • Width
A. of a Square
π • diameter
2 • radius
A. of a Circle
π • r²
A. of Triangle
1/2 base • height
A. of Equilateral Triangle
side² • √3 ÷ 4
V. of a Cube
A. of Rhombus
1/2 diagonal1 • diagonal2
V. of Rectangular Prism
Length • Width • Height
S.A. of Rectangular Prism
2LW • 2LH • 2WH
Volume of any prism
(Area of the Base) • Height
S.A. of a prism
2(Area of the Base) + (Area of all rectangular lateral faces)
V. of a cylinder
π • r² • height
S.A. of a cylinder
2π • r² + 2π • r • height
L.S.A. of a cylinder
2π • r • height
V. of a cone
1/3π • r² • height
S.A. of a cone
π • r² + π • r • Slant Height
L.S.A. of a cone
π • r • Slant Height
V. of a sphere
4/3π • r³
S.A. of a sphere
4π • r²
S.A. of a cube
6 • side²