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surgical approach

The difference between the mediastinum incision codes is the _________ __________


The spleen initiates an immune response, filters and removes _________from the bloodstream and destroys worn out blood cells.


Total or partial splenectomy codes are designed in the CPT manual as __________procedures.

Blood Cell

A marrow or _________ __________ transplant is a treatment for patients with blood diseases, such as leukemia or lymphoma.


A bone marrow ___________ is a procedure in which a sample of bone marrow is taken by means of a needle that is inserted into the marrow cavity.


A(n) ____________bone marrow comes from a close relative.


A(n) ____________bone marrow comes from the patient, is processed, and later transplanted or reinfused.


A(n) _____________ lymphadenectomy is the removal of the lymph node only.

surgical approach

The Mediastinum category of codes is based on the _____________ ______________ taken to perform the mediastinotomy.


Another name for the diaphragmatic nerve is the _________nerve.

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