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The greates number of category codes in the Male Genital System fall under the _________subheading because of the numberous repairs made to this anatomic area.

Integumentary (Note: only deep abscess codes are located in the Male Genital subsection)

In what section of the CPT manual would you find a code for a SUPERFICIAL abscess of the skin of the penis?


What is the term that pertains to the motion and flow of urine?


What is the modifier that indicates that only the professional portion of the service was performed?


The Urinary System subsection is arranged ___________ by the subheadings.


The_________ area is located behind the abdomenal cavity and during surgical procedures is often accessed by an abdominal incision.


A(n) _____________ is a procedure that is used to decompress the renal system by means of inserting a catheter into the kidney while leaving the other end of the catheter outside the body to temporarily drain the kidney.


A(n) __________calculus involves at least TWO CALYCES AND THE RENAL PELVIS and accounts for about 30% of the stones reported.


You report the removal of an accessible stent of the kidney when imaging guidance is not indicated using a(n) ___________code.


If an obstruction occurs, the urine will not drain and may result in dilatation of the collecting system and enlargement of the renal pelvis, aka______________.


A transvesical ureterolithotomy is one that is performed through the bladder for the removal of ____________.


A urethroplasty may be one stage or two stages and the choice of codes is based on the number of stages, type of repair, and for some codes the _______of the patient.

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