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Skill assessment helps instructors identify student strengths and weaknesses. The following are examples of skill assessments that help instructors and students design and select appropriate motor tasks.

Iowa Brace Test

Measures motor educability.

AAHPERD Youth Fitness Test

Measures motor capacity.

AAHPERD Health Related Physical Fitness Test

Measures physical capacity.

McCloy's General Motor Ability and Capacity Test

Measures motor ability and motor efficiency.

Rodgers Strength Test

Measures muscular strength.

Texas PE Test

Measures motor ability.

Skills Tests for Accuracy

- Involve kicking, throwing, or striking an object toward a goal.
- Activities include volleyball serves, basketball free throws, badminton short serves, and basketball passing (e.g. AAHPERD Basketball Passing Test for Accuracy).

Skills Tests for Total Bodily Movement

Requires performing a test coarse with movements similar to the sport (e.g. AAHPERD Basketball Control Test).

Wall Volley Test

Measures the number of consecutive successful time/trials to pass, kick, throw, or strike an object at a wall in a given time (e.g. AAHPERD Basketball Passing Test).

Skills Tests for Power or Distance

Involve kicks, throws, or strokes to measure the ability to kick, throw, or strike an object (e.g. Badminton Drive for Distance, Cornish Handball Power Test).

Combination Tests

Composed of pervious groupings to assess speed and accuracy.

Teacher Ratings

- Instructors create a numerical scale from one to five and rank performance based on specific, observable movements.
- An example is evaluating the use of space, use of focus, and variety of movements in a creative movement class.

Student Progress

Score improvements (e.g. archery, badminton) and charting (e.g. basketball shots missed).

Skill Test Administration

- Instructors can administer skills tests for specific sports in one of two ways.
- First, rate individual performance based on a specified number of trials.
- Alternatively, evaluate skills using norm-referenced scales for a specific grade level.
- Two problems with skill tests are that they take too much time to administer and the reliability is suspect.

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