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Psych 101 Clicker Questions NAU

Psychiatrists and psychologists label behavior as disordered when it is
deviant, distressful, and dysfunctional
Ryan's social phobia has led him to lose jobs and relationships. IN this cas, Ryan has a disorder because his behavior is:
The DSM-IV is a diagnostic guide that:
describes psychological disorders and thier prevalence
Alexis is socially withdrawn and has few close friends. This behavior is most likely to be diagnosed as a symptom of psychological disorder if it is:
preventng her from functioning effectively in her everday life
Lenore is unexplainably and unusually tense and is plagued by muscle tension, sleeplessness, and an inability to concentrate. He most likely suffers from:
generalized anxiety disorder
Whe he was studying, Matthew was suddenly overwhelmed by feelings of intense apprehension. For several minutes he felt so agitated that he couldn't catch his breath. He is most likely suffering from:
a panic attack
As Jordan watches his brother receive an electric shock from touching a frayed cord of a toaster. Jordan is now intensely afraid of toasters. This best illustrates that fear can be learned through:
observational learning
Do men or women commit suicide more often?
Dr. Ronaldo believes that he is Thom Yorke, the leading member of Radiohead. Dr. Ronaldo is showing a sign of:
schizophrenia (positive symptom presented and there; not absent)
The most common psychological disorder in the U.S. is:
mood disorders
Bart complied with his friends' request to join them in smashing pumpkins early on Halloween. Later that night, he was surprised by his own failure to resist their pressures to throw eggs at the passing police cars. Bart's experience best illustrates the:
foot-in-the-door phenomenon
Early in the day, you see a student trip in the cafeteria and spill their food as they trip over something on the floor. You think to yourself "wow she is clumsy". Later on in the day, you also trip and spill. You think "wow, someone should fix this uneven floor." This illustrates:
fundamental attribution error
Professor Steward wrote a very positive letter of reference for a student despite his having doubts about her competence. Which theory best explains why he subsequently began to develop more favorable attitues about the student's abilities?
cognitive dissonance theory
Conformity is when we adjust our thinking and behavior to go along with a group standard. Which item is NOT likely to influence whether or not we conform?
your level of inelligence
Friends each think that Twighlight is a slightly better movie than Good Will Hunting. After discussing why they believe so, they conclude Twilight is better. This provides an example of:
group polarization
Politicians who publicly oppose a tax increase that they privately favor best illustrates that:
actions may sometimes be inconsistent with attitudes
The impact of the foot in the door phenomenon is most clearly illustrated by:
the destructive obedience of participants in the Milgram experiment
Students were observed to pull harder on a rope they thought they were pulling on alone than when they thought three others were pulling with them on the rope. This illustrates:
social loafing