11 terms

Chapter 20

The Femal Genital System subsection is divided by _______________site from the vulva to the ovaries.
Urinary System
Skene's glands procedures are reported using codes from which subsection? ______________
mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, bulb of the vestibule
The vulva includes the following: ______________,
_______________, _________________, ______________________.
the physician
Who is responsible for determining the complexity of destruction of lesions of the vulva?
True or False: Destruction of a lesion is also known as excision.
Yes or No: Would you expect a pathology report to be available for a lesion that was removed by destruction?
Extent, Size
The removal of the vulvar area is reported with which two measurements? ___________ and ________
The term that describes the removal of a portion of the vulva is a(n) _____________
Vulvar area tissue removal that involves the skin and superficial subcutaneous tissues is termed_________.
Vulvar area tissue removal that involves the skin and deep subcutaneous tissues is termed ____________.
Partial, Complete
A(n) __________vulvectomy involves less than 80% of the vulva, and a(n) _________vulvectomy involves more than 80% of the vulva.