40 terms

Psych 3

The most common cause of mental retardation is
fetal alcohol syndrome
Harlows research with monkeys raised with two types of artifucal mothers found that when frigthened infant monkeys went to the artifical mother that
was made of cloth
Typically infants with _______ attachments exhibits little, if any, distress when their mothers leave thier room
Sarah has learned the word ball. Now all around objects are called "ball". What is Sarahs error?
Erik Erikson's developmental stages are organized around potential turning points called
psychosocial crises
Piaget proposed four stages of cognitive development. which of the following is not one of is stages
kids realize that an object exist when they cannot touch it or see it
The idea that even if an object changes shape or appearance the underlying quanitity of the object remains the same is Piagets principle of
Childrens thought processes are particularly egocentric during which Piagetican stage
formal operational stage
According to Rogers what type of love influences children to overcome feeling of unworthiness ?
When psychologists use personality to explain why not everyone acts the same in similar situations, which qualities of the concept are they using?
Julio is extremely dependable and productive and his friends think he is great at organizing events. based on the five factors model of personality, julio would probably score
high in conscientiousness
The Id is
the primitive , instinctive component of personality
Paper Vs term paper, his decision reflects the functioning og his
By attributing our own unacceptable feelings to others and saying others have the feelings and not us, we are using
Frueds theory, either excessive gratification or excessive fustration of needs may result in
Humanistic personality theories focus on
an individuals freedom and potential growth
According to Carl Rogers, if you self concept is reasonable accurate, it is said to be
congruent with reality
The idea that ambiguous materials can serve as a blank screen onto which perople impose their characteristic concers, conflicts and desires is termed the
projective hypothesis
Which of the folowing class of mental disorders is biggest in our society?
The medical model of abnormal behavior proposes that
it is useful to think of abnormal behavior as a disease
Etiology refers to the
apparent cause of a condition
Agoraphobia is a fear of
going out to public places
an unwanted thought that repeatedly intrudes upon an individuals consciousness is
an obsession
Frank witnessed a horrible car accident but cannot remember anything about it. Frank appears to have
dissociative amnesia
A concordance rate indicates
the percentage of twin pairs of relatives who exhibit the same disorder
Research concerning the etiology of schizophrenic disorders has implicated excessive activity of the neurotransmitter
According to the surgeon general report the biggest roadblock for psychotherapy is the
stigma surrounding the receipt of mental health treatment
Freud beleived that psychological disorders are caused by
unconscious conflicts left over from early childood
Largely unconscious densive maneuvers by a client intended to hinder the progress of therapy best describes
refers to the clients redirection towards the therapist of unconscious emotional reactions original felt towards others.
The main assumption of behavior therapy is that maladaptive behavior is the result of
learning and can be unlearned
Systematic desensitization involves
training to relax when confronted with anxiety arousing stimuli
You make an appt to see a therapist and at your first meeting the therapist tells you that he believes that most psychological disorders are a result of negative thoughts and maladaptive beliefs. what type of therapist are you seeing?
The side effect associated with taking traditional antipsychoitve drugs that is characterized by chronic tremors and involuntary spastic movements is
tardive dyskinesia
people who are physically attractive are viewed as _____ than less attractive people.
more friendly, well adjusted, and competent.
A sterotype is
a widely held belief that people will have certain characteristics because of their membership in a specific group
When we make assumptions about why people do what they do we are making
an attribution
Conformity occurs when people
follow direct commands, usually from someone in a position of authority.
Obedience occurs when people
follow direct commands, usually from someone in a position of authority