10 terms

Chapter 21

How many endocrine glands are included in the Endocrine subsection of the CPT manual?
Nervous System subsection
The pituitary and pineal gland procedure codes are in what subsection of the surgery section?
Digestive System subsection
The codes for pancreatic procedures are located in what subsection of the Surgery section?
Both subtotal and partial mean something less than_________
Twist or ___________holes are made through the skull to accomplish procedures of the brain.
Approach, Definitive
The ___________procedure is the method used to obtain exposure to a lesion of the skull base, and the _____________procedure is what is done to the lesion.
Carpal Tunnel Release
The most commonly known neuroplasty procedure is a(n)____________
Cerebrospinal fluid
CSF means _____________
Carotid Body
This term describes the location of the bifurcation of the carotid artery in the neck.
Yes or No: Would you report separately the additional grafting required to repair the surgical defect caused by a craniectomy?