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African Methodist Episcopal Church


"Middling Classes"


Subsistence farming and commercial farming


Robert Fulton and the Clermont

Robert Fulton and Robert Livingston introduced steamboat Cleront on the Hudson River and got a monopoly on ferry service between NY and NJ

Gibbons v. Ogden

Competitors filed suit to break Fulton-Livingston monopoly and Supreme court ruled in favor of plantiffs. Effect --> state-granted monopolies collapsed and steamboats were used more and more

Erie Canal

Thought of as crazy but connected Lake Erie with Hudson River. Started canal boom and greatly reduced price of shipping

Waltham and Lowell Mills


Separate spheres


The Young Man's Guide and Letters to Mothers


Squatters and speculators

Speculators --> bought up land to sell to farmers. Squatters --> just moved into land, simple people, wanted to keep their land (Preemtion)

Cotton gin, Eli Whitney, interchangeable parts


The "moving frontier"

Refers to the line of settlement that kept on moving further and further west, AND ALSO that farmers kept moving to find more land

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