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Module 4.2

Monkeys with Kluver-Bucy syndrome fail to show normal fears and anxieties after damage to the:
temporal lobe
If you could selectively damage the individual laminae of the cortex, damage to which layer would most likely affect visual sensation?
Layer IV of the occipital cortex
The "binding problem" is the issue of how we:
perceive visual, auditory and other aspects of a stimulus as a single object.
The ______ constitutes a higher percentage of the brain in primates than in other species of comparable size.
cerebral cortex.
If the prefrontal cortex is damaged, an individual may:
have difficulty remembering where they just put their keys
What is the primary target area on the cerebral cortex for touch and other skin sensations?
postcentral gyrus
The temporal lobe of the cerebral cortex is the primary target for which kind of sensory information?
Which lobe of the cerebral cortex is most important for visual information?
The postcentral gyrus in the parietal lobe is the primary area for which type of sensation?
Damage to the ____ often causes people to lose their social inhibitions and to ignore the rules of polite conduct.
prefrontal cortex
The precentral gyrus is essential for:
fine movements.
Following damage to the temporal lobe, monkeys that fail to display normal fear of snakes most likely have which of the following?
Kluver-Bucy syndrome
One reason why people with prefrontal cortex damage may act impulsively is that they have trouble:
adjusting their behavior to different contexts
The ______ monitors all the information about eye, head, and body positions and passes it on to brain areas that control movement.
parietal lobe
All of the cells in a given column in the cerebral cortex:
are involved in the same function.
The prefrontal cortex is important for:
working memory.
Cortical blindness may result from the destruction of:
the occipital cortex.
Knowing that it is appropriate to tackle people on the football field, but not in the classroom is dependent on functioning of the:
prefrontal cortex.
Which lobe contributes to perception of movement and recognition of faces?
temporal lobe
Prefrontal lobotomies were conducted in the United States in an attempt to:
treat severe psychiatric disorders.
Which part of the cerebral cortex is most important for the sense of touch?
parietal lobe
What is the primary target area in the cortex for information regarding muscle-stretch and joint receptors?
primary somatosensory cortex
Visual hallucinations are often associated with tumors in which brain area?
temporal lobe
Lamina IV is prominent in:
all the primary sensory areas
What is the primary area of the cerebral cortex for auditory sensations?
A person showers with his clothes on and pours water on the tube of toothpaste instead of on the toothbrush. He probably suffers from damage to the:
prefrontal cortex.
Which lobe contains the precentral gyrus?
A blind person who suddenly loses the ability to read Braille has probably suffered damage to what area of the cerebral cortex?
parietal lobe
People with damage of the parietal cortex tend to have trouble ______.
locating objects in space
Individuals with parietal lobe damage:
have difficulty binding the different aspects of perception
What is one important difference between people who are blind because of cortical blindness and others who are blind because of problems with their eyes?
People with damage to their eyes can still imagine visual scenes.
Which of the following is TRUE about the cortical areas that are sometimes known as "association areas"?
They would be better described as additional sensory areas.
Someone who suddenly loses the ability to identify objects by feeling them has probably suffered damage to what area of the cerebral cortex?
parietal lobe
One currently popular hypothesis about the binding problem is that binding depends on:
synchronized activity in different brain areas.
Which of the following is TRUE about laminae in the cerebral cortex?
The laminae vary in thickness in different areas.
Neurons in the prefrontal cortex ____ than neurons in other cortical areas
have more dendritic spines
The only area of the cerebral cortex known to receive input from ALL sensory modalities is the:
prefrontal cortex
Lamina V is thickest in the:
primary motor areas
The postcentral gyrus contains ______ separate representations of the body.
What deficits does a person suffer after damage to the striate cortex in the occipital lobe?
An individual has normal eyes and normal pupillary reflexes but no pattern perception or visual imagery. This person suffers from:
cortical blindness.
The area of the brain known to be important for "binding" is the:
parietal cortex
The binding or large-scale integration problem is the difficulty of:
knowing how the visual, auditory, and other areas of your brain work together to create a combined perception of a single object.
Which lobe contains the primary motor cortex and the prefrontal cortex?
Which lobe seems to be especially involved in the comprehension of spoken language in humans?
If a cell in a given column responds to touch on the person's right toe, then another cell in the same column would respond to:
touch on the right toe.
Across mammalian species, the most constant structure (in terms of relative size) is the: