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There ar two types of services in the Medicine sections. One is diagnostic and the other is ___________

IV-intravenous; IM-intramuscular; SC-subcutaneous

What to the following abbreviations mean? IV; IM; SC ?


The routing of blood, including waste products, outside of the body for cleansing is known as ____________?


The dialysis that involves using a cavityy as a filter is known as what kind of dialysis?__________


What is the name of the test that checks the intraocular pressure of the eye?______________


What is the name of the test that is used to examine color vision?___________


What is the word that means the body of knowledge about the ear, nose, and larynx?


In what subsection of the Medicine section would you find CPR, coronary atherectomies, and heart valvuloplasties?


What kind of scanning uses ultrasonic technology with a display of both structure and motion with time?


What is the name of the ultrasonic documentation that records velocity mapping and imaging?


In what Medicine subsection would you find therapies such as nebulizer treatment?

METHODS of tests

Percutaneous, intracutaneous, and inhalation are examples of what from the allergy subsection?

TYPES of tests

Allergenic extracts, venoms, biologicals, and food are examples of what from the Allergy subsection?

Special Services, Procedures, and Reports.

If you were looking for the code number to indicate the circumstance in which a physician sees a patient between the hours of 10PM and 8 AM, in what subsection of the Medicine section would you find that code?

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