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1st Amendment

freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly

2nd Amendment

Right to bear arms

3rd Amendment

Quartering soldiers

4th Amendment

Searches and seizures; warrants

5th Amendment

Due process; self-incrimination

6th Amendment

Rights of the accused

7th Amendment

Right to a trial by jury in civil cases

8th Amendment

excessive bail, and fines; cruel and unusual punishment

9th Amendment

unenumerated rights (not listed)

10th Amendment

powers of the state

11th Amendment

immunity of the states to certain suits

12th Amendment

revision of presidential election procedures

13th Amendment

abolition of slavery

14th Amendment

citizenship, due process, equal protection

15th Amendment

no denial of vote b/c of race, color, or previous enslavement

16th Amendment

power of congress to tax income

17th Amendment

popular election of senators

18th Amendment

prohibition of alcohol

19th Amendment

women's suffrage

20th Amendment

change of dates for presidential and congressional terms

21st Amendment

repeal of prohibition

22nd Amendment

limit on presidential terms

23rd Amendment

district of columbia vote in presidential elections

24th Amendment

ban on tax payment as voter qualification

25th Amendment

presidential succession, vice presidential vacancy, and presidential disability

26th Amendment

voting age of 18

27th Amendment

congressional pay

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