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Phlebotomy 101 -125

Na flouride and K oxalate
What is the addive is a grey top tube?
What is the additive in a green top tube?
Time of the last dose.
TDM means therapeutic drug monitoring. It is important to know the...
One layer
The feathered edge of a smear is how many layers thick?
Introduction and explanation
What is the first step in phlebotomy?
Inpatient stays overnight and the ambulatory is outpatient
What is the difference between "inpatient" and "ambulatory patient"
Vascular Access Device
What is a VAD ?
Look for a vein in the left arm.
What would you do if a patient has an I.V. in the right arm?
You will not put a tourniquet or BP cuff on that arm. No blood samples from that arm.
A patient states she/he has had a mastectomy on the left breast. What would you NOT DO?
An alternative to adhesive/coflex is gauze all around and the taped.
If a patient has fragile skin, what would you use for a bandage?
Median antecubital,cephalic,and basilic
What are the three common veins for venipuncture?
Container must be water-tight.
What is the requirement by the government when shipping specimens?
Quality Assurance
Services and results that meet accepted standards are?
Extracting too much blood especially from infants could put the patient in danger of becoming what?
Make sure that they are not duplicates.
What would you do if you found two or three requisitions from different doctors for the same order?
Nothing until you get the correct I.D. confirmed.
The nurse asks you to go to room 312 and draw Robert Jones. When you get to 312 the patient's arm band say Roger Jones. What would you do?
The ability to stop bleeding.
What is Hemostasis?
All the vessels,coagulation factors, and platelets.
In order to ensure Hemostasis all of these must be in good working order/have the proper amount...
Quantity non-sufficient
Q.N.S. stands for?
The preanalytical
Which part of the analytical process are phlebotomists involved in?
Doing the right thing when nobody is looking is ...
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIDS stands for what?
You must redraw.
What happens jif a speciment is misplaced for several days at room temp?
They started using disposable equipment.
One thing the healthcare industry did to lessen the spread of infection.
Name the 3 types of blood cell.