100 terms

BCIS Final

Which of the following is an invention of the Industrial Revolution?
Which of the following is an invention of the information age?
____ uses computers to test product designs before the physical prototype is built
computer aided engineering (CAE)
A ___ system lets manufacturers purchase and receive components just before they are needed on the assembly line
just-in-time manufacturing
Libraries use the ____ bar code to identify items
A bar code represents data that identifies the ___
manufacturer & item number
Database marketing allows companies to_____
mine customer databases & create marketing lists
___ is a technology that allows users connected to a network to transfer money from one bank account to another
Many businesses use a ___ to send bills electronically instead of mailing their customers paper statements
bill presentment process
Which of the following is a good tip for avoiding RSI
keep the mouse close to the keyboard
An ATM initially connects to a(n) _____ through a network
host processor
Which of the following is a disadvantage to using an optical mark recognition system for voting?
the may require a specific type of writing instrument
Which of the following is true of telecommunications as opposed to a standard office job?
requires more discipline & focus
The IRS allows you to do all of the following at its web site except ___
have online chats with rep
Which group voters is most likely to vote, but least likely to use the internet?
americans 65 or older
The ___ was established to help gun dealers perform background checks
Which of the following is NOT true of computerized voting systems?
the provide equal access to every citizen
A lo jack device is a wireless ___
audio frequency transceiver
Which of the following FBI databases contains DNA profiles?
The US visit database currently stores all of the following types of biometric identifiers except ___
DNA information
Computer based patient records are entered, stored and maintained with the help of a ___ system
electronic medical record (EMR)
Computers in red-light systems perform all of the following functions EXCEPT ______.
sending an electronic message to the violator
DXplain is an example of a ___ system
decision support
Foreign students with visas to attend US schools must provide personal information to the ______ system
What does a Gluco watch G2 biographer monitor
blood sugar level
All of the following military technologies use GPS EXCEPT ______
computer simulations
___ Is the use of advanced computer technology to help health care professionals consult with each other and work together on cases regardless of whether the patient, medical professional, and relevant civic data are located.
MRIs take images inside the body by _____
using a powerful magnet & transmitting radio waves through the body
Hundreds of automatic weather stations located in ___ measure weather data and transmit it back to
Which medical Web site provides a database of reference and abstracts from the National Library of Medicine?
The geophysical fluid dynamics Laboratory (GFDL) has pioneered___research for two decades with the goals of better weather phenomena
computer modeling
Which of the following is NOT used in computer-aided surgery?
haptic feedback
A (n) ___ creates sound from digital instructions input by the user, wither via a standard computer keyboard or devices resembling.
Humans have approx. 30000 ______ that define their physical traits * many of their behaviors
File __ involves uploading a music file to a file-sharing network with distortion, silence, or copyright law warnings.
The DART system was developed to track ____
earthquakes that trigger tsunami's
Sculptors use ___ to digitally recreate an existing physical object
3-D scanning
Computers process data as _____ that represent on and off states
Computer generated fractals use ___ to create art
mathmatical formulas
In recent years, ________ file-sharing networks exploded in popularity as a means for people to share music, video, and other files stored on their personal computers
One group that completely opposes any manipulation of a digital image is the ?
A virtual wind tunnel relies on ___ to predict how air will flow around a vehicle.
computational fluid dynamics
Dancers rely on a technology called _____ to record & analyze their dance movements
motion capture
The ___ is the most powerful computer in most cars
engine control unit
After you have created a model for your sculpture, you can use ____ to shape your desired medium
CNC milling machines
Which of the following is not true of todays smart tires?
Transmit tire pressure data from a wireless radio transmitter
In digital cameras, the image is initially focused on a chip called a(n)
charge-coupled device
A light curtain and treadless are used in an electronic toll collection system to ensure that ___
all cars counted/billed correctly
____ is a special effect in which on video image is transformed into another image over the course of several frames
Which of the following is still performed by human drivers on a civis bus?
modifying bus trajectories
Which of the following is NOT true of computerized car analysis?
is more expensive than physical testing
Sabre was the first ___ system to be widely distributed
Smart cars maintain a safe driving interval between your car & other vehicles through a(n) ______ system
adaptive cruise control
Bartleby.com is an example of a ___
online encyclopedia
OnStar is an example of a(n) _____ system
call center telematics
Which of the following is not a benefit of simulations
they teach students to listen to lectures
Modern airplanes rely on ____ technology to control landing gear, spoilers, and other components of the planes
___ is an example of presentation graphics software
microsoft power point
The US airspace is divided into ______ centers.
Which of the following communication tools does not need special software to send or receive mail
mailing lists
Which of the following is an advantage of synchronous distance learning?
instant feedback
____ involves providing direction to review specific content that will help you better understand a topic
Which of the following is not a malicious logic program?
A popular way to teach students basic programming is by allowing them to build simple programs in ______.
A ___ virus disguised itself by hiding in fake code sections, which it inserts within working code in a file
______ software allows students to create presentations
Which of the following file extensions is almost never used in normal email attachments
The _____ format for a presentation graphics software file includes images of two or more slides on pages
audience handouts
The term ___ refers to online or internet based illegal acts
A _____ is a real-time typed conversation that takes place on a computer
video conferencing
___ is the number one nonviolent crime in the united states
identification theft
The successful use of integration of technology in the classroom relies on all the following EXCEPT ____.
integration of the factory model
The ___ permits federal prosecution of large scale willful copyright infringement even when the infringer does not act for commercial or personal financial gain
no electronic theft (net) act
What type of virus is often made part of application templates?
The ___ specifies that in the United States, a digital signature has the same weight as a traditional signature written on paper
digital millennium act
A ____ is a destructive program disguised as a real application, such as a screen saver
Trojan horse
What is the purpose of the Six/Four software program. It teaches users how to:
It gives users in countries that monitor Internet access - Government does NOT monitor the internet and it supports human rights.
A _____ is a separate area of hard disk that holds an infected file until the infection can be removed
Which of the following protections does the Copyright term extension Act provide?
making ISP's liable
____ occurs when someone steals personal or confidential information
information theft
Which of the following statements is true of cyberstalking?
Cyber stalkers typically locate their victims in chat rooms or bulletin boards/news groups
A hacker can use a ____ to scan all messages traveling on a network to look for passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive data.
___ magazine altered an image of OJ Simpson in 1994 to create a more sinister-looking shot
Which of the following statements is NOT true of an ethical decision?
it is universal & applies to everyone in a society
A ___ occurs when the read/write head of a hard disk drive touches the platter that stores the data
head crash
U.S. courts are not yet settled in regards to the fair use of copyright material for _____.
The ___ states that advertising in any medium must be truthful & must not mislead customers
Federal Trade Commission Act
Web sites can use third-party cookies to record ___, which Is data about the web pages you visit and the links you click
click stream data
What is the primary objection of the courts towards legislation that limits the distribution of objectionable content?
The govt. has no right to limit free speech if less restrictive measures are available
The ___ outlaws unauthorized access to federal government computers and the transmission of harmful computer code such as viruses
computer fraud & abuse acts
How do news firms counter the ethical concerns over the mixing of advertising links with news stones in user's search results?
The results pages clearly distinguish the sponsored listings from the other search results
A(n) ___ is a device that contains surge protection circuits and one or more batteries that can provide power during a temporary or permanent loss of power
uninterruptible power supply
Who receives the largest percentage of the profits made from downloading music files?
online music provider
A ___ is a computer system or software simulating a computer system, which intentionally is set up with security holes designed to entice an intruder to hack a computer
Online shopping Web sites generally use a ____ to keep track of items in your shopping cart
session cookie
The ___ protocol allows users to choose an encryption scheme for data that passes between a client and a server
secure HTTP
_____ is a packet sniffing program used by the FBI to keep an eye on the e-mail & Web activity of potential criminals
Web sites are prohibited from collection personal information from children under the age of _____.
A(n) ____ backup copies only files that have changed since the last full backup
________ encryption uses both a private key & public key