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Outcome of the American Revolution

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Bunker Hill
(1775) Fought on the outskirts of Boston on Breed's Hill. The battle ended in the colonial militia's retreat, though at a heavy loss to the British.
Valley Forge
the site of the Continental Army's camp during the winter of 1777-1778. Poorly housed, dressed, and fed, many died from cold and starvation.
Lexington and Concord
"minutemen" turned the British back toward Boston after they had been warned that they were coming to seize weapons from their arsenal.
A battle that took place in New York where the Continental Army defeated the British. It proved to be the turning point of the war.
1781 during the American Revolution the British under Cornwallis surrendered after a siege of three weeks by American and French troops. Was the last major battle of the Revolution
Treaty of Paris
(1783) peace agreement that officially ended the revolutionary war and established Britian's formal recognition of the US
Role of Foreign Intervention
France and Spain declare war on Britain and help Americans with money, supplies, and troops
Marquis de Lafayette
Gave $200,000 to the Americans, trusted aid to Washington, said: "The welfare of America is closely bound up with the welfare of mankind."