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Kings and Queens

The medieval power system was like a pyramid. Who was at the TOP of the feudal pyramid?


Large section of land that often included a village as well as farmlands where most of the peasants lived.

Wealthy Nobles

Who would benefit more from Feudalism - The wealthy nobles or the poor peasants?


Huge architectural structures built by the Roman Catholic Church during medieval times


Holy Wars between the Muslims and Christians over the Holy Land. Circa 1095 A.D.


A medieval knight in training

Ancient Rome

Which ancient civilization fell to the barbarians because it grew so big that they could not control their borders from invading forces such as the Visigoths and Vandals


King of the Franks that conquered much of central Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire. I am also known as Charles the Great. What is my name?

Christmas Day

On what holiday was Charlemagne (aka Charles the Great; King of the Franks) crowned emperor? 800 A.D.


The people that perform the duties of the church

Sahara Desert

The largest desert in the world; the continental United States can nearly fit inside of this desert


African kingdoms became very wealthy by trading gold and this substance which the human body needs to survive.

Language and Culture

When we briefly studied the Bantu Speakers from Africa we learned that when people migrate (move) they spread these two things.


Located north and south of the rainforest in Africa are rolling grasslands called ______________


An area of vegetation and water located in a desert. If you were traveling in a desert you would LOVE to find one of these


This practice helped spread different languages, religion, and culture throughout the world.


This event (wars) in 1095 A.D. helped trade grow/spread in feudal Europe.

Industrial Revolution

The major event in history that made trade goods much cheaper and easier to get because of mass production.


This famous ancient city grew rich because it was at a natural crossroads for trade.


Which continent was devastated (that means hurt really bad) by the effects of slave trading.

Black Death

This epidemic disease caused the death of nearly one third of the European population during the Middle Ages


A rapidly spreading disease (like the Bubonic Plague)

Ring Around the Rosie

What is the name of the song that children started singing (acting out) during the Black Death. Four words.


This religious group was wrongfully blamed by Christians and the Catholic Church for causing the Black Death. Which religious group was blamed?

Rats and Fleas

These two creatures/species were the TRUE cause of the Black Death.


Time period known as the rebirth of knowledge and learning in Europe.


Where did the Renaissance begin? (what country)

Greece and Rome

What 2 ancient civilizations did the Renaissance thinkers want to reintroduce to Europe?


Think about our studies of Renaissance artists. Which Renaissance artist is most widely known for his work on the Sistine Chapel.

Sistine Chapel

Michelangelo was most widely known for his work on which famous Renaissance art?

Leonardo da Vinci

Think about our studies of Renaissance artists. Which Renaissance artist is most widely known for his work on the Mona Lisa?

Mona Lisa

The most famous painting in the world... Da Vinci painted it

Martin Luther

This famous reformation monk believed that the key to getting into heaven was "BELIEF IN GOD" not by paying indulgences


The people that "protested" the Roman Catholic Church during the middle ages


The head of the Roman Catholic Church

Henry VIII

I got really mad at the Church when the pope said I could not have a divorce from Catherine of Aragon so I broke away from the Catholic Church and started my own Church of England. I was the King of England; I killed over 78,000 people, and if you have not figured it out yet try this hint...divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, have to know who I am now :+)

Divine Right

The idea that God himself was responsible for choosing the kings/queens (monarchs) of Europe.

Magna Carta

The Great Charter or law that limited the power of the King over his nobles during the 16 year reign of King John. Hint: pages 127, 279

Louis XVI

I was the king and ruler that lived in incredible luxury at the Palace of Versailles near Paris, France at the beginning of the French Revolution

Peter the Great

I became the czar of Russia in 1682 at the age of just 10 years old

Napoleon Bonaparte

I was a military genius; I was defeated at Waterloo, Belgium by the British; I almost conquered all of Europe in the late 1700's; I was only 5' 2" tall; they called me the Little Corporal; I was married twice because my first wife could not give me a son

John Locke

I was a famous enlightenment thinker; I always told people that if a ruler takes away people's rights then the people have a right to overthrow or change the government; some people would say that my way of thinking led to the spreading of democracy

French Women

This group of French citizens marched on the Palace of Versailles to demand food for their hungry children

Scientific Method

During the 1600's Galileo and other scientists were developing new ways of learning about the world. These scientists came up with an approach in which experiments are performed under controlled conditions. Today we call this approach the ___________________


Before the Russian Revolution began, absolute rulers in Russia were called ______________

They both believed that the earth revolved around the sun.

What did Galileo and Copernicus believe about the earth and the sun.

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