Georgia in the Revolution-Part I

Georgia-specific people and battles
Nancy Hart
Legend or Truth? Responsible for the deaths of a group of Tories. Spy. True Patriot.
Georgia's frontier. Rough people. Crude lodging. Brutal revolutionary-era skirmishes.
Elijah Clarke
Guerilla fighter. Won at Kettle Creek and at the final Siege of Augusta.
Austin Dabney
Slave serving in the war as a substitute. Granted land and freedom after the war.
Siege of Savannah
Failed plan. Resulted in massive Continental Army casualties.
After this city was recaptured by the Patriots, the war was almost over.
Kettle Creek
Fought north of Augusta. British were ambushed. Not a long battle, but it was a valuable win in the middle of some disheartening defeats.
Battle of the Rice Boats
Also known as Yamacraw Bluff. British wanted merchant ships. A minor "battle." Resulted in the first departure of James Wright.
James Wright
Last Royal Governor of Georgia. Convinced there was more Loyalist support in Georgia than there actually was.