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  1. detract
  2. retaliate
  3. cha sen
  4. sham syn
  5. chasten
  1. a (v) to take away from; reduce in value or reputation
  2. b (v) to get revenge; to strike back for an injury
  3. c (adj) phony, counterfeit
  4. d (v) to punish (in order to bring about improvement in behavior, attitude, etc); to restrain, moderate
  5. e 1

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  1. beam, flare
  2. (adj) having to do with the sky or heavens; heavenly; yielding great bliss or happiness
  3. (n) a meeting (especially one that is unplanned); a meeting of enemies, battle; (v) to meet or come upon
  4. cheerful, happy, contented, satisfied
  5. (v) to seize by authority; to take and keep

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  1. confiscate syn(v) underline, stress, emphasize, accent


  2. confiscate ant(v) to seize by authority; to take and keep


  3. ri tal e at2


  4. puncture syn(v) happen upon


  5. pessimist(n) a play or story performed without words by actors using only gestures; (v) to express in this way


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