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  1. ri tal e at
  2. puncture
  3. precaution syn
  4. detract ant
  5. berserk ant
  1. a sane, rational
  2. b increase, heighten, enhance
  3. c foresight, prudence, safeguard
  4. d (n) a small hole made by a sharp object; (v) to make such a hole, pierce
  5. e 2

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  1. cheerful, happy, contented, satisfied
  2. subtract from, lower
  3. (v) underline, stress, emphasize, accent
  4. 2
  5. 1

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  1. puncture synperforation


  2. confiscate syncommandeer, expropriate


  3. chasten antpraise, comment, reward


  4. en der skor(v) to draw a line under; to put special emphasis on; (n) a line drawn under something


  5. epic(n) a long narrative poem (or other literary composition) about the deeds of heroes; an event or movement of great sweep; (adj) on a grand scale, vast, titanic