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  1. prosecute
  2. kan fe skat
  3. chasten
  4. be ken
  5. beacon
  1. a 1
  2. b 3
  3. c (v) to bring before a court of law for trial; to carry out
  4. d (v) to punish (in order to bring about improvement in behavior, attitude, etc); to restrain, moderate
  5. e (n) a light or other signal that warns and guides; a lighthouse; anything that guides or inspires

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  1. (v) downplay, de-emphasize, soft-pedal
  2. (v) happen upon
  3. nourishing, beneficial
  4. (v) to take away from; reduce in value or reputation
  5. 2

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  1. puncture syn(n) a small hole made by a sharp object; (v) to make such a hole, pierce


  2. sham syn(adj) phony, counterfeit


  3. encounter syn(n) a meeting (especially one that is unplanned); a meeting of enemies, battle; (v) to meet or come upon


  4. celestial synethereal, stellar, blissful


  5. wistful antcheerful, happy, contented, satisfied