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  1. berserk
  2. prosecute syn
  3. ber serk
  4. wholesome ant
  5. retaliate
  1. a put on trial, pursue
  2. b 2
  3. c (adj, adv) violently and destructively enraged
  4. d harmful, unhealthy, baneful
  5. e (v) to get revenge; to strike back for an injury

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  1. 2
  2. 1
  3. (n) a light or other signal that warns and guides; a lighthouse; anything that guides or inspires
  4. (n) one who believes or expects the worst; prophet of doom
  5. refined, polished, graceful, genteel

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  1. berserk antsane, rational


  2. confiscate antreturn, restore


  3. confiscate(v) to seize by authority; to take and keep


  4. kan fe skat1


  5. pes e mistoptimist, Pollyanna