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  1. pri ko shen
  2. prosecute ant
  3. cha sen
  4. puncture
  1. a 2
  2. b defend, abandon, give up
  3. c 1
  4. d (n) a small hole made by a sharp object; (v) to make such a hole, pierce

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  1. mad, deranged
  2. avenge, pay back, get even with
  3. perforation
  4. optimist, Pollyanna
  5. 1

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  1. sham(adj) fake, not genuine; (n) something false pretending to be genuine; a pretender; a decorated pillow covering; (v) to pretend


  2. retaliate antpardon, forgive, turn the other cheek


  3. encounter syn(v) happen upon


  4. wistful(adj) full of melancholy yearning or longing, sad, pensive


  5. pessimist(n) one who believes or expects the worst; prophet of doom