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Chapter 1, Lesson 1-3


How much of the air your breathe is oxygen

the nose

How does air first enter your body

respiratory system

What is the system that connects notes, lungs, and tubes called?


What party of the body is divided into two bronchial tubes

carbon dioxide

Air that you exhale is filled with what gas


Air that we breathe in is rich in what gas

air sacs

The exchange of of carbon dioxide for oxygen takes place in what part of the body

red blood cells

how is the oxygen we breath delivered to the cells in the body


What is the large muscle that contracts to bring air into the lungs

through the veins

After red blood cells relsease their oxygen, how do the red blood cells flow back to the heart


How do cells repair damage and grow

carbon dioxide

What do cells produce when they use energy to release oxygen from sugar

oxygen and food

What do all living organisms need to stay alive


What are the small blood vessels that blood cells travel through in a single file


What does your disgestive system change the nourishing food you eat into

cell wastes that contain nitrogen

What is produced when cells break down nitrogen

crossing into the capillaries

How does waste leave the cells and enter the body


What organ in your body releases salts and extra water


What part of your body releases carbon dioxide


What is produced slowly but constantly by the body and stored temporarily in the urinary bladder


How does the body release excrete water on warm days

one million

About how many tiny tubes in the kidney filter waste from the blood

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