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Psychotic disorders

What is psychosis?
Gross impairment of perception of reality and ability to communicate/interact with others
What are common symptoms of psychosis?
Bizarre behavior
Ideas of reference
Disorganized speech
Illogical thinking
What are ideas of reference?
Believing that casual events, remarks, etc refer to onself
What is the definition of schizophrenia?
Fundamental disturbance of personality characterized by distorted thinking:
-Bizarre delusions
-Altered perceptions
-Inappropriate emotional responses
What are diagnostic requisites for schizophrenia diagnosis?
Symptoms that last minimum of at least 6 months
-deterioration noted in functioning at work, school, home or relationships
What is the prodromal phase of schizophrnenia?
Gradual behavior changes
Acting peculiarly
Precedes onset of illness by 1 year
What happens during the acute/ "active" phase?
Development of positive symptoms
What kind of hallucinations are most common in the active phase?
What happens during the residual phase of schizophrenia?
Positive symptoms subside and negative symptoms develop
What are negative symptoms of schizophrenia?
Affective flattening
Inappropriate affect
What are some reasons schizophrenics have a decreased life expectancy?
Meds (CV)
What is schizophreniform disorder?
Identical to schizophrenia, but briefer in duration
-All symptoms last less than 6 months
What are characteristics of individuals with schizophreniform disorder who are likely to recover quickly?
-Developed psychotic symptoms quicks
-Confused or disoriented during the psychotic episode
-Functioned well before the onset of symptoms
-Maintained a normal range of emotions
What is schizoaffective disorder?
Disorder characterized by a combination of symptoms of both schizophrenia and a mood disorder
-Major depression or bipolar
What is a brief psychotic disorder?
Sudden onset of at least one positive symptom of psychosis
-Disorganized speech
-Grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior
How long does a brief psychotic disorder last
At least 1 day, less than a month
What precedes a brief psychotic disorder?
Often in response to a severe stressor
Do people with a brief psychotic disorder recover?
Yes, followed by full return to premorbid functioning
What is delusion disorder?
Non-bizarre delusions
-limited overall impairment
-behavior is not obviously odd or bizarre
What is an erotomanic delusion?
Believing a person, usually of a higher status, is in love with them
What is the typical onset of schizophrenia?
Late teen to 20s
(later in females)
what causes schizophrenia?
abnormal neuronal organization in hippocampus
Why might birth in late winter/early spring cause schizophrenia?
Viral illness
If alzheimers is a neurodegenerative disorder, what is schizophrenia?
when do you hospitalize a patient with schizophrenia?
Severely agitated/ disorganized
Acutely psychotic
Visual hallucinations are 1 of the 3 core features of what sort of dementia?
Lewy Body dementia
How do psychotic symptoms in PTSD work?
Flashbacks may include hallucinations
Hypervigilance may resemble paranoia
What are some substances that can induce psychosis?
Alcohol intoxication or withdrawal
Benzodiazepine withdrawal
How can you get psychosis to emerge?
Open-ended questioning
What is the differential diagnosis for psychosis?
Substance induced psychosis
Psychosis due to general medical condition
Primary psychiatric disorders
What is catatonia?
Being absolutely motionless
Being overly explosive with ones movements
What are disorders of ideas of reference?
Feeling that a television show is speaking directly to you
What is the nature of the thought disorder of psychosis?
Loosening of associations
Poverty of thought
Thought blocking
What are delusions?
Fixed, bizarre, unrealistic belief
What is poverty of thought?
Not much to say
-Monosyllabic answers, etc
What is thought blocking?
Blanking out
What are clang associations?
Basically rhyming without making sense
What is verbigeration?
Spewing out words that don't make sense
What is loosening of associations?
Spewing out sentences that don't make sense from one sentence to the next
What are the tenets of abnormal speech associated with psychosis?
Poverty of speech
Clang associations
What is an organic etiology?
A focal brain lesion
Can delusions be accounted for by accepted cultural or religious beliefs?
What are schneiders "First Rank Symptoms"
Thought insertion
Thought withdrawal
Thought broadcasting
Ability to read other's thoughts
Ideas of reference
What are automatisms?
Repetitive movements
What are thought disorders associated with psychosis?
Loosening of associations
Poverty of thought
Thoughts blocking
What are elements of abnormal speech associated with psychosis?
Poverty of speech
Clang associations
What are olfactory hallucinations associated with?
Temporal lobe pathology
What are delusional disorders?
Non-bizarre delusions (jealous, etc)
-Behavior is not obviously odd or bizarre
When do you see psychotic symptoms during schizoaffective disorders?
During major mood episodes that persist during extended periods outside of the mood episodes
What is the timing of brief psychotic disorders
Last at least 1 day, but less than 1 month
What are negative symptoms?
Blunted affect
Poverty of Speech