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Japanese drama that features wooden, elaborately costumed marionettes that are about four feet tall; also called Doll Theater

Beijing Opera

cobines music, vocal perfomance, mime, dance, and acrobatic
movements are symbolic and suggestive rather then realistic. Stresses Symbolism


5th century Indian treatise by Bharata on performing arts. It states the purpose of music is to impart rasa in the spectator. A sanskrit Drama


dance drama. Covered by a canopy of flowers. Stories of good and evil where GOOD always wins.

Shadow Puppet

traditional Indonesian art, in which puppets are handled from behind a screen lit by a bright light


On the ground floor, in-front of and on the sides of the stage. The standing area.


in drama, a character speaks alone on stage to allow his/her thoughts and ideas to be conveyed to the audience


Short, prepared skits of funny physical comedy that do not necessarily have anything to do with the plot. Reminds me of The Three Stooges type of comedy. Pie in the face and Stuff like that.


The lower class audience members who stood in the yard. "People who could only afford standing room only"

Neoclassical Ideals

rules developed by critics during the Italian Renaissance, supposedly based on the writings of Aristotle


a second row gallery for unaccompanied women in Spanish theatre


booklets containing half sheets of paper on which cues and lines for one character are written


theatre building of the spanish golden age, usually located in the courtyard of a series of adjoining buildings

Slap Stick Comedy

type of comedy involving exaggerated physical violence and activities which exceed the boundaries of common sense

Tiring House

Dressing and storage rooms. Actors rested here and changed costumes. Large props stored here. The doors served as the actors main entrance and exit

Sentimental Comedy

a type of comedy that features middle class characters finding happiness and true love

Comedy of Manners

realistic form of comic drama that deals with social relations and sexual intrigues of sophisticated, intelligent, upper-class men and women, whose verbal fencing and witty repartee produce the principal comic effects


a work of literature meant to ridicule a subject; a grotesque imitation.


n. A drama with a romantic story or plot and sensational situation and incidents.


a short musical play that is similiar to an opera but is light and amusing and contains music and song that are combined with spoken dialogue

Breeches roles

Women playing mens roles or men playing women roles

Sturm and Drang

A movement in German literature and music. Extreme emotions were freely expressed, such as greed, revenge, love and hate.


total art work; an artistic creation, as the music dramas of Richard Wagner, that synthesizes the elements of music, drama, spectacle, dance, etc.


the practice of representing things by symbols, or of investing things with a symbolic meaning or character.


showing feelings though art by use of color; painting reflect's artist's state of mind

Theater of Cruelty

Type of theater that wanted the audience to feel uncomfortable. wnated them to face unpleasant ideas and situations.

Epic theater

A type of theater, invented by Brecht, in which major social issues are dramatized with outlandish props and jarring dialogue and effects, all designed to alienate middle-class audiences and force them to think seriously about the problems raised in the plays.


political propaganda communicated via art and literature and cinema


French classicist playwright who produced popular comedies that exposed the hypocrisies and follies of society.

Christopher Marlowe

English playwright who focused on human actions with powerful language and imagery--not actions of the gods like the Greeks. Blank Verse

Jean Racine

French advocate of Jansenism

George, duke of Saxe Meiningen

first modern director, every character had motivation and a back story, innovative set designs

Eleanora Duse

Italian actress who worked with realism and physical transformation.


Dynasty of Baroque scenic painters. Very detailed. ; famous family of italian painters.

Edwin Booth

Actor/Manager, Greatest American Actor. Innovations: Hydraulic elevators to raise scenery, flyloft, level floor without grooves. Famous for his record braking portrayal of hamlet. Built the Booth Theater

William Wycherley

English playwright noted for his humorous and satirical plays (1640-1716)

Aphra Behn

real-life target of the English playwrights, one of the first professional woman authors who supported herself by journaism, wrote plays and poetry, and translated scientific works, wrote Oroonooko

Adolphe Appia

Swish architect and theorist that replaced flat scenery with three dimensional structures like steps platforms and ramps, light used to chape angles and reveal dimension of stage, used first lamp without a open flame, replaced flat scenery with three dimensional structures like steps platforms and ramps, light used to chape angles and reveal dimension of stage, used first lamp without a open flame.

Edward Gordon Craig

British theorist, director, designer;
Early work praised, but financial failures;
Went to Germany (Brahm, Duse);
The Art of the Theatre (1905);
Non-naturalistic aesthetic;
Theatre equivalent to poetry and music;
Dominance of the director;
Also argued for abstract, ritualistic theatre;
Abolishing acting and actors;
Interest in spiritual power of theatre;
Use of light, rhythmic movement

Augusto Boal

Theatre artist, theorist, and creator of the Theatre of the Oppressed who designs theatre events for the disenfranchised to encourage and support social change

Eugene Ionesco

French dramatist (born in Romania) who was a leading exponent of the theater of the absurd (plays stressing the irrational or illogical aspects of life, usually to show that modern life is pointless)

Athol Fugard

South African playwright whose plays feature the racial tensions in South Africa during apartheid (born in 1932)

Tennessee Williams

A playwright whos plays involved characters who were caught in extremely critical or violent situations. They would try and recover from their past and recreate a future for themselves better than their materialistic present. They are concerned w/love and beauty in their harsh world. They are societies outcasts trapped in very hostile environments. Language is very poetic/symoblic. Camino Real, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Glass Menagerie, The Night of the Iguana, A Streetcar Named Desire.

Peter Brook

theatre director/ actor/ playwright. said that theatre must have a performer, a space, and an audience

Stephen Sondheim

United States composer of musicals (born in 1930). Composed/wrote music for "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum", "Company, Follies", "A Little Night Music", "Sweeney Todd", "Sunday in the Park with George", "Into the Woods", and "Assassins", as well as the lyrics for "West Side Story" and "Gypsy".

Mart Crowley

American playwright whose Boys in the Band is considered one of the landmark productions in gay and lesbian theatre

Harvey Fierstein

Gay actor and playwright;
Wrote: Torch Song Trilogy

Maria Irene Fornes

cuban playwright, violent and dark to communicate the human condition, powerful force in contemporary drama

The Globe theater

Located in London. Important because this is where William Shakesperre's plays were performed.

Teatro Farnese

Located in Parma, Italy. First permanent proscenium theater.

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