15 terms

Chapter 4 vocab, Glencoe Physical science 8th grade

anything that has mass and takes up space
very small particle that make up all matter
a region that is located at the center of an atom and contains most of the atom's mass
a positively charged particle located din the nucleus
a neutral particle, which has no charge, located in the nucleus
negatively charged particle that moves in the space surrounding the nucleus
spectral line
is a single wavelength of light that can be seen when the light from an excited element is passed through a prism
energy levels
these regions of space in which electrons can move about the nucleus of an atom
electron cloud
region surrounding an atomic nucleus where an electron is most likely to be found
a pure substance made from atoms that all have the same number of protons
atomic number
shows some elements with their atomic numbers
mass number
sum of the number of protons and neutrons the atom has
atoms of the same element that contain different numbers of neutrons
average atomic mass
an element is the weighted average mass of the mixture of an element's isotopes
is an atom that is no longer neutral because it has gained or lost electrons