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  1. Benito Mussolini
  2. Dust Bowl
  3. Black Tuesday
  4. Wilhelm II
  5. Lend-Lease Act
  1. a leader of Germany during WWI who was stubborn ; eager to show the rest of the world how powerful Germany had become.
  2. b the day the stock market crashed, leading to the Great Depression
  3. c Italian fascist dictator
  4. d the region subject to dust storms in the 1930's
  5. e allowed sales or loans of war materials to any country whose defense the president deems vital to the defense of the U.S

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  1. symbol of government corruption; government oil reserves were secretly leased to oil companies in exchange for money
  2. 31st President of the United States
  3. failed invasion of Cuba planned by the US government
  4. an acute viral disease marked by inflammation of nerve cells of the brain stem and spinal cord; crippled FDR
  5. brutal march of American and Filipino prisoners by Japanese soldiers in 1942

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  1. Fidel Castropolicy of building up strong armed forces to prepare for war


  2. Battle of Britainmost important naval battle of World War II


  3. StalemateNational Aeronautics and Space Administration


  4. Tennessee Valley Authority(TVA) New Deal agency created to generate electric power and control floods in a seven state region


  5. John Kennedy35th U.S. President; Democratic


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