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  1. Pure Food and Drug Act
  2. Totalitarianism
  3. Woodrow Wilson
  4. Warren G. Harding
  5. Triple Entente
  1. a 28th President of the United States; influenced the creation of the League of Nations
  2. b the principle of complete and unrestricted power in government
  3. c president after World War I who promised to return the US to normalcy
  4. d alliance between Great Britain, France and Russia (and later the United States)
  5. e the act that prohibited the manufacture, sale, or shipment of impure of falsely labeled food and drugs

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  1. (TVA) New Deal agency created to generate electric power and control floods in a seven state region
  2. 31st President of the United States
  3. a wall separating East and West Berlin built by East Germany in 1961 to keep citizens from escaping to the West
  4. Wilson's plan for world peace following WWI
  5. an international organization formed to promote cooperation and peace among nations

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  1. William Gorgaseradicated Yellow Fever and Malaria from Panama so work on the Panama Canal could proceed


  2. Wilhelm IIan acute viral disease marked by inflammation of nerve cells of the brain stem and spinal cord; crippled FDR


  3. Rationinga limited portion or allowance of food or goods; limitation of use


  4. Nazi-Soviet Pactlaws that were designed to keep the US out of international incidents


  5. U-Boat(North Atlantic Treaty) an international organization created for purposes of collective security