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This isn't godly vs ungodly, this is question #2 on the study guide, "Be able to match Judah's kings with a description provided."


most wicked king of Judah, sacrificed his own son to Molech


locked the temple doors so people couldn't worship Jehovah there


heavily influenced by Solomon's idolatry, built "high places" outside Jerusalem


had leaprosy in the last years of his reign and had to live outside the palace


6 years old when he came to the throne


1st of 8 godly kings of Judah


started a religious reform that would be the most thorough in Judah's history


last king of Judah, was blinded and imprisoned by the Babylonians


asked God to add years to his life after finding out that he had leaprosy, God gave him 15 more years to live


restored Mosaic Law (Law of Moses) as the law of the land, is sometimes called "great"


was king when the Babylonians invaded Palestine, survived by becoming a vassal king of Nebekunezzar

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