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What are the colors in the visible spectrum

in the order of their wavelengths? -Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet

If white light strikes an orange object, what wavelengths are reflected?

orange light waves

If white light strikes a yellow object, what wavelengths are absorbed?

red, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet waves

What is black light?

No light waves

When are light waves transmitted?

When the object is transparent

What are the small sacs in the chloroplast called?


What is a stack of thylakoids called?

A granum

What is the liquid portion surrounding the grana called?

The stroma

Where in the chloroplast does the light reaction occur?

In the grana or thylakoids

Where in the chloroplast does the dark reaction occur?

In the stroma

What are the reactants of photosynthesis?

CO2 and H2O

What are the products of photosynthesis?

C6H12O6 and O2

In what reaction is glucose produced?

In the dark reaction

In what reaction is oxygen produced?

In the light reaction

In what reaction is carbon dioxide used?

In the dark reaction

In what reaction is water used?

In the light reaction

In what reaction is light required?

In the light reaction

What is the Calvin Cycle?

The dark reaction

How many times must Calvin cycle revolve to make 1 glucose?

6 times

Where does glycolysis take place?

In the cytoplasm

What are the products of cellular respiration?

CO2, H2O, and 36 ATP

What is the TOTAL number of ATP molecules made in glycolysis?


In which step of respiration are most of the 36 ATP's made?

In the Electron Transport Chain

Which steps in respiration deal with breaking the carbon chain?

Glycolysis, intermediate and Krebs cycle

How much activation energy is needed in glycolysis?


Which steps in respiration produce CO2?

Intermediate and Krebs

Where in the mitochondria does the electron transport chain occur?

In the matrix

Which steps in respiration produce ATP?

Glycolysis, Krebs and ETC

Which respiration steps take place in the mitochondria?

Intermediate, Krebs and ETC

What takes place on the cristae of the mitochondia?

Krebs cycle

What are the reactants of cellular respiration?

Glucose and oxygen

What is the net gain in ATP from glycolysis?


How many times must the Krebs cycle go around to metabolize an entire glucose molecule?

2 times

Who discovered the Krebs cycle?


What are the folded membranes in the mitochondria called?


What is another name for Krebs cycle?

Citric acid cycle

What is the last oxygen acceptor in the electron transport chain?


What molecules transport H ions to the electron transport chain?


During glycolysis, glucose is broken down into....

2 molecules of pyruvic acid

Where does the energy come from to make ATP in the electron transport chain?

The electrons release energy as they go down a gradient.

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