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Cremaster Muscle

the muscle underneath the dartos muscle, it elevates the scrotum away from the body causing scrotal elongation due to the loosening of the skin during warm temperatures.

app. 4 cm or 1.5 inches

How big are the testes?

Tunica vaginalis and the tunica albuginea

Name the two tunicas (coverings) of the testes.

Outer covering

the tunica vaginalis is the what?

Inner covering that forms septal extensions.

the tunica albuginea is the what?

Tunica Albuginea

what divides the testes into 250-300 wedge shaped compartments or lubules?


1-4 tightly coiled seminiferous tubules

Seminiferous tubules

What converge to form the tubulons rectus?

700 feet long

How long would the seminiferous tubules be if stretched out?

Efferent ductile

Sperm leave the testes through what?


Where do sperm enter after leaving the testes and going through the efferent ductile?

On the external surface of the testes.

Where is the epididymis found?

Interstitial cells & sertoli cells

What cells produce androgen?

Interstitial cells & sertoli cells

What cells surround the seminiferous tubules?

Follice cells

The interstitial and sertoli cells are analogous to what cells in the female?


the copulatory organ or the mating organ.

Delivers sperm to the female reproductive tract.

What does the penis do?

penis & scrotum

What makes up the external genitalia?

Foreskin of penis is removed shortly after birth.

Describe circumcision.


What are the primary organs in the male reproductive system?

Sperm and male sex hormones

What do the testes produce?


Male sex hormones are called what?


What is the main androgen?

Highest in the morning and lowers throughout the day.

When is male testosterone the highest?

Protect the sperm and aid in their delivery to the exterior of the body or to the female reproductive tract.

What are accessory organs?

scrotum, ducts, glans & penis

Name the accessory organs.

Testicles are suspended in a sac-like scrotum outside of the abdominopelvic cavity.

Where are testicles found?

At the temperatures inside of the body.

Viable sperm can NOT live _______.

Scrotum, 3 degrees cooler

Where does viable sperm live and how much cooler is it than inside of the body?


Undescended testicles (can lead to infertility)

Hangs at the root of the penis, just anterior to the anal opening.

Where is the scrotum found?


Divides the scrotum into left and right halves.

In their own compartment.

Where do testicles stay?


Can testicles switch sides?


Singular form of testes?

Dartos muscle and cremaster muscle

What two muscles help maintain a constant interscrotal temperature?

Dartos muscle

causes scrotal shortening and wrinkling as it contracts, bringing the scrotum closer to the body during cold temperatures.

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