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Small Engine Parts

Intro to ag
Blower housing cover
1. Protect the armature and flywheel
2. House the rope
Model # stamped here
Air filter and air filter box
Keep dirt and abraisives out
Engages when rope is pulled and disengages when it goes back in
1. Houses magnets to create spark
2. Creates air movement to cool engine
3. Heavy enough to make engine run easier
Flywheel key
1. Times the flywheel to the crankshaft
2. Has to be shearable
Very small but engine won't run without it
1. Creates spark and delivers it to the spark plug through the secondary wire
2. Primary wire is hooked to it and is used to steal the spark when the engine is called to turn off
Spark plug
Turns electricity into a spark inside the combustion chamber
Should be gapped at .030"
1. Cleans outgoing air
2. Quiets engine
Air vane governor
Maintain constant RPM's under varying loads
Held with throttle linkage
Choke linkage
control panel to choke
Fuel tank
1. Store fuel
2. Has small reservoir to balance the barometric pressure
Holds carburetor up
Pulsa jet carburetor
1. Mixes gas and air at proper ratio
2. Has choke and throttle butterfly
80% of problems happen here
Breather tube
Allows the sump (oil chamber) to breath or get rid of excess air while still keeping the system closed
Has combustion chamber in it
Holds the spark
Intake stroke
Piston: TDC ~ moves down
Intake: open ~ fills the cylinder with fuel/air
Exhaust: closed
Compression stroke
Piston: BDC ~ moves up
Both valves closed 50-70 psi
The piston compresses the gas/air mix into the small combustion chamber forcing it to become unstable
Combustion stroke
Piston: TDC ~ moves down
Spark plug fires, forces piston down
Valves are closed
Exhaust stroke
Piston: BDC ~ moves up
Intake: closed
Exhaust: open