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The crucible review

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The Crucible is set in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts.
Salem is governed by a theocracy, a form of government in which religious leaders govern; not only is there no
separation of church and state but the church is the state.
Abigail Williams has an affair with John Proctor
John Proctor does not like Samuel Parris because Parris is mean and greedy; in fact, John says his antipathy toward Parris
is one of the reasons for John's sporadic church attendance.
When Giles Cory comes to court he accuses Thomas Putnam of using the charge of witchcraft to steal George Jacob's
John Proctor drags Mary Warren to court so she can tell the truth about Abigail and the other girls, to corroborate
Abigail's confession that they've been pretending all the time.
In court, Abigail and the girls pretend that Mary's "familiar spirit" tortures them in the form of a yellow bird.
To make sure that Elizabeth doesn't receive any help or coaching from John, Danforth orders her to look only at him—
Danforth—when he questions her in court.
Ironically, the one time Elizabeth tells a lie she tells it to Protect John, a lie seals his fate.
When Parris discovers a bloody axe in his bed, he becomes worried for his life and tries to delay the execution of
Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor.
Hale wants Proctor to confess so that Proctor will not die. Hale really wants a good man to live but partly he is trying to
assuage the personal guilt he feels.
In the final act of The Crucible, just to reinforce how corrupt the whole trial has been, Abigail the star witness for the
prosecution, steals her uncle's life savings and leaves Salem with her partner in crime, Mercy Lewis.