220 terms

Vocab Hon English 2

credulity (n)
willingness to believe or trust too readily esp. without proper or adequate evidence
fusillade (n)
a simultaneous or continuous discharge of firearms; an outpouring (of anything)
talisman (n)
a stone ring or other object engraved with figures or characters supposed to possess occult powers and worn as a charm
scud (v)
to move quickly or hurriedly, as if driven by the wind
wont (n)
custom, habit, practice
spasmodic (adj)
pertaining to or of the nature of a spasm; intermittent; involuntary
leverage (n)
power or ability to act or influence people
rubicund (adj)
red of reddish; ruddy
insouciant (adj)
carefree; nonchalant; free from concern, worry, anxiety
prosaic (adj)
commonplace or dull; matter-of-fact or unimaginative
broach (v)
to mention or suggest for the first time
malign (v)
to speak harmful untruths about; speak evil of
torrent (n)
a rushing, violent, or abundant and unceasing stream
bog (v)
to sink in or as if in a bog; stuck
shards (n)
pieces of broken pottery; fragments of brittle substance
bibulous (adj)
ddicted to drinking liquor
convoluted (adj)
complicated; involved; intricate
deftness (n)
skillful performance or ability without difficulty
tottering (adj)
swaying or rocking as if about to fall
jarred (adj; past tense v)
jolted suddenly; rattled; made or uttered a harsh sound; out of harmony
marred (adj; past tense v)
inflicted damage on, esp. disfiguring damage
flailing (adj)
writhing and thrashing about as if in a panic
imperceptible (adj)
not perceptible by a sense or by the mind; extremely
slight, subtle or gradual
recalcitrant (adj)
resisting authority or control; not obedient or compliant
greenhorn (n)
an inexperienced or naïve person; a newcomer not
associated with local manners of customs
sultry (adj)
hot with passion or anger; exciting or capable of exciting strong sexual desire
chastened (adj)
corrected by punishment or suffering; disciplined; purified
truculent (adj)
feeling or displaying ferocity; cruel; harsh
imperatrix (n)
domineering woman
shiftless (adj)
lacking in resourcefulness; lazy
usurer (n)
a person who charges exorbitant interest on a loan
haggled (past tense v)
bargained; bartered; quibbled; negotiated; wrangled
slackened (past tense v)
loosened, relaxed
facilitated (past tense v)
helped; aided; assisted; made smooth; made easy; made possible
mordant (adj)
caustic, acerbic, scathing, penetrating, biting
chaff (n)
the casing around a kernel of wheat; something useless
voluptuous (adj)
sensuous; juicy; ripe; fulsome
reverie (n)
daydream, dream, trance
caprice (n)
whim, impulse, quirk, fancy; fad; notion
posterity (n)
future generations
sagacious (adj)
sage, wise, learned, clever, perceptive, erudite, astute, knowledgeable
brazen (adj)
barefaced, brash, audacious, bold
august (adj)
imposing, impressive, grand, majestic, eminent
ethereal (adj)
otherworldly, ghostly, delicate, waif-like
dauntless (adj)
bold, intrepid, fearless (positive connotation)
piquancy (n)
sharp taste; spiciness; kick; tartness; tang
revel (v)
to take great pleasure or delight in; to make merry
dissolution (n)
closure; disbanding; termination; suspension; conclusion
emanating (present participle)
originating; starting; coming; beginning; stemming; springing; deriving
pluck (n)
nerve; guts; courage; bravery; resolve; backbone; fortitude
vixen (n)
female fox; a quarrelsome, argumentative woman
battalions (n)
division; company; brigade; regiment; troop; contingent
fastidious (adj)
fussy, finicky, persnickety, hard to please; difficult; particular; demanding
diffidently (adv)
shyly, self-effacingly, timidly, hesitantly
dogged (adj)
determined, persistent, strong-willed; strong-minded; gritty; tenacious
deign (v)
condescend, stoop, lower oneself, agree, force oneself; demean oneself
premonition (n)
presentiment; forewarning; feeling, intuition; hunch; omen; sign; portent; suspicion
vex (v)
to irritate, annoy; to torment, distress; to discuss or debate (a question, a subject) with vigor or at great length
dour (adj)
sullen, gloomy; severe, stern
resolute (adj)
firmly resolved or determined; set in purpose or opinion
emaciated (adj)
abnormally lean; caused to lose much weight or flesh, as by starvation or disease
illusory (adj)
deceptive, unreal, illusive; producing, based on, or having the nature of delusion
indiscriminately (adv)
1. in such a way as not to be discriminating or not make careful choices or distinctions; 2. in such a way as to be confused, random, promiscuous, or not based on careful selection or discerning taste
cleave (v)
to adhere, cling; to be faithful to
fatuous (adj)
complacently stupid or inane; silly or foolish
petulant (adj)
impatient or irritable; peevish
diversion (n)
1. turning aside, diverting; 2. distraction of attention; 3. anything that distracts or diverts attention (pastime or amusement)
proselytize (v)
to preach to convert from one religion, sect, party, believe to another; to recruit
cryptically (adv)
1. in such a way as to have ambiguous meaning; mysteriously; 2. in such a way to be obscure and curt in expression
cunning (adj)
sly, crafty, made or done with skill or ingenuity
retort (n)
1. A quick, sharp, or witty reply (turns pervious speaker's words back upon that speaker); 2. the act or practice of making such a reply; (v) 1. to reply in a sharp, quick, or witty way, to reply in kind; 2. to turn a statement back upon the person from whom it came
penitential (adj)
of, constituting, or expressing sorrow over having sinned or done wrong
endeavor (n)
an earnest attempt or effort; (v) to strive to reach a goal
pariah (n)
an outcast; any person generally despised or avoided
demurely (adv)
in a modest and reserved manner or behavior
bolt (v)
1. a movable bar or rod that when slid into a socket fastens a door, gate, etc. 2. to make a sudden, swift dash, run, flight, or escape
cackle (n)
a loud laugh, unpleasant
exhilaration (n)
excitement; a state of elation
moors (n)
treeless windy highland areas with damp ground
relish (v)
enjoyment or satisfaction; something that adds a pleasing flavor; to enjoy greatly
undulations (n)
regular rising and falling movements to alternate sides; movement in waves
sublime (adj)
elevated or lofty in thought, language, etc.; a scene in nature that excites fear and trepidation (as opposed to a beautiful scene with a calming effect)
impervious (adj)
incapable of being penetrated; not allowing entrance or passage; incapable of being influenced, persuaded, affected
pedagogy (n)
the function or work of a teacher; teaching
uncanny (adj)
having or seeming to have supernatural or inexplicable basis; being beyond what is normal or expected
protrude (v)
to project, to thrust forward
flounder (v)
to struggle with stumbling or plunging movements
impudence (n)
the quality or state of being impertinent; effrontery; insolence
atoll (n)
a ring shaped coral reef or a string of closely spaced small coral islands
caricature (n)
a picture, description, etc. ludicrously exaggerating the peculiarities or defects of persons or things
implore (v)
1. to appeal to in supplication, to bessech; 2. to beg urgently for
reprove (v)
1. to voice or convey disapproval 2. to rebuke or reprimand 3. to find fault
rend (v)
1. to tear or split apart violently 2. to take away forcefully 3. to cause pain or distress
pusillanimous (adj)
lacking courage, cowardly
lucrative (adj)
producing wealth, profitable
rustic (adj)
1. of, relating to , or typical of country life or country people 2. rough and unrefined
poignant (adj)
1. distressing to the mind or feelings 2. moving or touching 3. piercing, incisive 4. agreeably intense or stimulating
demur (v)
to voice opposition to , especially on moral grounds
condole (v)
to express sympathy or sorrow
oblivion (n)
1. the condition or quality of being completely forgotten 2. the act or instance of forgetting
cavalcade (n)
a ceremonial procession or display; a succession or series
prodigious (adj)
impressively great in size, force, or extent; extraordinary, marvelous
noisome (adj)
offensive (esp. to the sense of smell) to the point of arousing disgust; harmful or dangerous
jocosely (adj)
given to joking, merrily, humorously
kenning (or ken) (n)
perception, understanding; range of vision; view; sight
wanton (adj)
1. hard to control, playfully mean or cruel; 2. causing sexual excitement; lewd; lustful; 3. having no just foundation or provocation; 4. unduly lavish
demean (v)
to lower in character, status, or reputation
magnanimous (adj)
showing or suggesting a lofty and courageous spirit, or nobility of feeling, and generosity of mind
abhorrence (n)
a feeling of extreme repugnance or aversion; loathing
consternation (n)
amazement or dismay that hinders or throws into confusion
eminence (n)
1. a position of prominence or superiority; 2. an anatomical protuberance (as on the bone); 3. A natural elevation
caper (v/n)
playfully leaping; 1. a playful leap or bound; 2. a frivolous escapade or prank
fervent (adj)
1. very hot; glowing; 2. exhibiting or marked by great intensity of feeling
apathy (n)
lack of feeling, emotion, concern
empathy (n)
1. the imaginative projection of a subjective state into an object so that the object appears to be infused with it; 2. the action of understanding , being aware, being
sensitive to
conjecture (n)
1. interpretation of omens; 2. a proposition before it has been proved or disproved
obsequiously (adv)
marked by or exhibiting a fawning attentiveness
latently (adv)
present and capable or becoming though not now visible, obvious, or active
lackey (n)
servant; a servile follower
indomitable (adj)
incapable of being subdued; unconquerable
ensconced (v)
to be settled or established
enmity (n)
positive, active, and typically mutual hatred or ill-will; hostility or antipathy
gambol (v)
to skip about in play; frolic
tractable (adj)
capable of being easily led, taught, or controlled; docile; easily handled, managed, or wrought; malleable
machinations (n)
scheming or crafty actions or artful designs intended to accomplice some, usually evil, end
conciliatory (adj)
appeasing, friendly, compatible, agreeable
waft (v)
to cause or move or to lightly by or as if by the impulse of wind or waves
taciturn (adj)
temperamentally not inclined to talk
intimated (past tense v)
communicated delicately and indirectly, hinted
intimidated (past tense v)
made timid or fearful; frightened especially to compel or deter by or as if by threats
whelp (v)
to give birth to—used of various carnivores and especially of the dog; to bring forth
posthumous (adj)
following or occurring after death; born after the death of a father; published after the death of an author
retinue (n)
a group of retainers or attendants
subversive (adj)
secretive, not easily detected; tending to overthrow or cause destruction of a legally established government
sally (v)
set out, depart briskly or energetically (always followed by "forth")
incumbent (adj)
required; obligatory; holding a specified position role or office; (n): the person holding the position, role, or office
dregs (n)
the sediment of liquid; lees; the basest or least desirable portion
frugally (adv)
in a way that is avoiding unnecessary expenditure of money; thriftily
interment (n)
the act or ritual of interring (placing in a grave, burying)
salient (adj)
projecting or jutting beyond a line; striking; conspicuous; prominent; noticeable
pervade (v)
to spread throughout; permeate
genially (adv)
cheerfully, in a friendly, kindly manner; in a way that gives warmth
lily-livered (adj)
cowardly; timid
groveling (part/ger)
humbling oneself in servile manner; cringing
inveigle (v)
to lead astray or win over by deceitful flattery; to obtain by conjolery (coaxing, wheedling)
contentious (adj)
always ready to argue; quarrelsome; of or marked by contention
convalescence (n)
gradual recovery after illness; the period of such recovery
droll (adj)
amusingly odd; whimsically comical
encroachment (n)
the act of intruding gradually on the possessions or rights of another; trespassing
rhetorically (adv)
in a way that is concerned primarily with style or effect; often used to describe the posing of a question to which the speaker does not expect/want an oral reply
veer (v)
to shift from one direction or course to another; turn, avert, deflect
sedate (adj)
quiet and dignified in behavior; staid, serious, solemn
irate (adj)
arising from anger, enraged, furious
tacit (adj)
implied or indicated but not actually expressed
insidious (adj)
sly, treacherous; seductive; having a gradual and cumulative effect; subtle
ramshackle (adj)
rickety, tumbledown
mire (n, v)
heavy and often deep mud or slush; (v) to stick or sink in or as if in mud
ruthless (adj)
having no pity; merciless, cruel
castrate (v)
to deprive of sex glands, to emasculate, to render impotent, to deprive of strength or power
dole (n, v)
a distribution especially of food, money, or clothing to the needy; a grant of government funds to the unemployed; (v): to give or distribute as a charity (usually used with "out")
disparage (v)
to speak of or treat slightingly; depreciate; belittle; to bring reproach or discredit upon; lower the estimation of
staunch (adj)
firm or steadfast in principle, adherence, loyalty, etc., as a person; characterized by firmness, steadfastness, or loyalty
alacrity (n)
cheerful readiness, promptness, or willingness
besmirch (v)
to soil; tarnish; discolor; to detract from the honor or luster of
din (n)
a loud, confused noise; a continued loud or tumultuous sound; noisy clamor.
bourgeois (adj)
of, relating to, or characteristic of a townsman, the social middle class, or marked by a concern for material interests and a tendency towards mediocrity
cherubim (n)
second order of angels or a beautifully usually winged child in painting and sculpture
pernicious (adj)
causing insidious harm; highly injurious or destructive, deadly
torpid (adj)
having lost motion or power of exertion or feeling; sluggish, dormant, numb
poacher (n)
one who kills or captures wild animals illegally; one who trespasses or steals
perusal (n)
close examination or consideration with attention and detail
scrutiny (n)
a searching study, inquiry, or inspection; examination
shirk (v)
to evade the performance of an obligation
enigma (n)
something hard to understand or explain
lurid (adj)
gruesome, horrible; shocking, wildly sensational; wan and ghastly pale in appearance
evanescent (adj)
tending to vanish like vapor
imminent (adj)
ready to take place, hanging threateningly over
taper (n,v)
(n) a slender candle; (v): to diminish gradually
sated (adj)
filled with overabundance
auspicious (adj)
promising success; prosperous; affording or attended by favorable patronage
impassively (adv)
in a manner not susceptible to pain or suffering; apathetically; in an unmoved manner
doddering (adj)
1. mentally or physically infirm with age 2. To shake or tremble, as from old age; totter
yoke (n)
1. something that connects or joins together; a bond or tie 2. a crossbar with two U-shaped pieces that encircle the necks of a pair of oxen or other draft animals working together 3. burden
insolence (n)
1.The trait of being rude and impertinent; inclined to take liberties 2. an offensive disrespectful impudent act
deference (n)
1. Submission or courteous yielding to the opinion, wishes, or judgment of another 2. courteous respect
malicious (adj)
having the nature of or resulting from a desire to harm others; spiteful
seduce (v)
1. to lead away from duty, principles, or proper conduct; to lure 2.to entice into a desires state or position; to win over, to attract
absolve (v)
1. To pronounce clear of guilt or blame 2. To relieve of a requirement or an obligation
lamentation (n)
the act of expressing sorrow or regret
dirge (n)
1. A slow, mournful musical composition; a funeral hymn or lament 2. A mournful or elegiac poem or other literary work
transgress (v)
1. To go beyond or over (a limit or boundary) 2. To act in violation of 3. To spread over land, esp. over the land along a subsiding shoreline
profane (adj/v)
(adj): 1. Marked by contempt or irreverence for what is sacred 2. Nonreligious in subject matter, form, or use; (v) to put to an improper, unworthy, or degrading use
untrammeled (adj)
not limited or restricted, unrestrained
entrails (plural n)
1. Internal part 2. The internal organs, esp. the intestines
welter (n/v)
(n): a confused mass; a jumble (v): to wallow, roll, or toss about, as in mud or high seas
defile (v/n)
1. To make filthy or dirty 2. To march in single file or in files or columns; (n): a narrow gorge or pass that restricts lateral movement
citadel (n)
1. A fortress in a commanding position in or near a city 2. A stronghold or fortified place
crevice (n/v)
a narrow crack or opening; a fissure or cleft
knave (n)
1. An unprincipled, crafty fellow 2. A male servant
countenance (n)
appearance, esp. the face; face or facial features; support or approval; (v): to approve or to tolerate
altruistic (adj)
concerned for the welfare of others; unselfish
biased (adj)
prejudiced; unduly or unfairly influenced
captious (adj)
quick to find fault, especially over petty matters; carping
contrite (adj)
sorrowful for a misdeed that one has committed; deeply repentant
diffident (adj)
lacking confidence; timid, shy
gregarious (adj)
seeking or enjoying the company of others; sociable
gullible (adj)
easily deceived or tricked; credulous
impassive (adj)
feeling or revealing no emotion; calm; unmoved
impetuous (adj)
acting suddenly or with forethought; rash; impulsive
indolent (adj)
inclined to avoid work; lazy; idle
intrepid (adj)
not afraid; bold; dauntless
irrational (adj)
not rational (capable of reasoning); illogical; absurd; senseless
obsequious (adj)
much too attentive (to a superior); excessively submissive; servile; fawning
obstreperous (adj)
excessively noisy; boisterous; unruly
opinionated (adj)
holding obstinately to one's own opinion
parsimonious (adj)
extremely frugal; miserly; stingy
sanguine (adj)
confidently optimistic; hopeful
skeptical (adj)
disbelieving; doubting; not easily convinced
supercilious (adj)
showing haughty contempt; disdainful; full of pride and scorn
vindictive (adj)
inclined to seek vengeance; unforgiving; spiteful