180 terms

Physics Exam Semester2

When you touch a cold piece of ice with your
finger, energy flows...
from your finger to the ice
A substance that heats up relatively quickly has a...
low specific heat
The moderate temperatures of islands throughout the world has much to do with the water's...
high specific heat
Ice has lower density than water because ice..
is made of open-structured, hexagonal chrystals
Compared to a giant iceberg, a hot cup of coffee has..
higher temperatures, but less internal energy
Ice tends to form first at the...
surface of bodies of water
When an iron ring is heated, the hole becomes..
Which of the following expands most when the temperature is increased? Equal volumes of..
Consider a closed, sealed can of air places on a hot stove. The contained air undergoes an increase in...
two; pressure and temperature
During a very cold winter, water pipes sometimes burst. The reason for this is..
water expands when freezing
The face that desert sand is very hot in the day and very cold at night is evidence that sand has..
low specific heat
Substances absorb heat energy by the process of..
conduction, convection, and radiation
A good hear conductor is..
a poor insulator
Your feet feel warmer on a rug than on your tile floor because your rug..
is a better insulator than your tile
At the same temperature, which will move with the grater speed in the air? light or heavier molecules?
light molecules
Cold water will warm to room temperature faster in a ____ (what color pot)?
black pot
An object will normally be a net radiator of energy when its temperature is...
higher than it's surroundings
It is common knowledge that a can of soda will cool faster in the coldest part of a refrigerator. Knowledge of Newton's law of cooling..
supports its common knowledge
Wrapping a hot potatoe in aluminum foil significantly reduces the rate at which it loses energy by...
the planet Earth loses energy mainly by..
If air were a better conductor of hear that it is, at night time the earth would be..
considerably colder
Both black and white road surfaces absorb sunlight. At the end of a sunny day the warmer road surface will be the white or black?
the white surface
Newton's Law of Cooling applies to objects that are..
both cooling and heating
one of the main reasons one can walk barefoot on red-hot coals of wood without burning the feet has to do with..
the low thermal conductivity of the coals
____ invented the thermometer in 1602.
Galileo Galilei
In theory, there is an upper limit to temperature. True or False?
The lowest temperature possible is..
-273 degrees celcius
The molecules that make up your physics book have..
kinetic and potential energies
To wholly convert a given amount of hear energy into mechanical energy is..
impossible regardless of the technique used
The first law of thermodynamics is a restatement of the
conservation of energy
Chinook winds tend to...
warm an environment
Systems that are left alone, tend to move in a state towards..
more entropy
A temperature inversion occurs when the upper layers of air are
warmer than that in the lower regions of air.
Entropy means..
Entropy is closely related to which law of thermodynamics?
second law of thermodynamics
Blow on tour hand with you moth open and you feel the warmth of your breath. Pucker your lips so you breath expands as you blow and your breath is..
The earth's atmosphere gets most of its hear...
near the surface of the earth
A quantity of water has more entropy when it is..
A process which takes place at a constant temperature is
an isothermal process
Suppose you rapidly stir raw eggs with an eggbeater. The temperature of the eggs will..
When mechanical work is done on a system, there can be an increase in..
both temperature and internal energy
When a volume of air is compressed and no heat enters or leaves, the air temperature will..
Two identical blocks of iron, one at 10°C and the other at 20°C are put in contact. Suppose the cooler block cools to 5°C and the warmer block warms to 25°C. This would violate the..
2nd law of thermodynamics
Suppose you put a closed, sealed can of air on a hot stove burner. The contained air will undergo an increase in...
internal energy, temperature and pressure.
As a system becomes more distorted, entropy..
Why does warm air rise?
because it's less dense than cold air
How much of the mater in the universe is composed of atoms?
What happens to molecules when the temperature reaches absolute zero
all of their motions tops completely
Which takes up the most space?
a cube of steel at 100°C
What will happen if you heat a liquid to a high temperature?
it will become a gas
Which of the following are are electrically neutral? proton, neutron, electron, ion?
The image above illustrates the structure of an amorphous material. True or False
Which has greater density, a cup with 100mL of pure water or a jug of 1L of pure water?
both are same
Which has a greater mass, a cup with 100mL of pure water or a jug of 1L of pure water?
1L of pure water
which has a greater volume, a cup with 100 mL of pure water of a jug of 1L of pure water?
a jug of 1L of pure water
If the mass of an object doubles while the volume stays the same, what will happen tot he density of the object?
If the mass of the object stays the same while the volume decreases by half, what will happen tot he density of an object?
what is the correct SI unit for volume?
What is the correct SI unit for density?
This is a physical property that causes it to deform when a deforming force is applied and return back to the original state
The amount of stretch or compression is directly proportional to the applied force. What is this law?
Hooke's Law
Squeezing an object, is an example of_____.
a ______ is a curve that a hanging chain or a cable assumes when supported at its end and acted only by its own weight.
which has a greater density, H2 gas or 02 gas?
not enough info is given
diamond has a density value of 3.54 g/ml and lead has a density of 11.34 h/ml. Which is more dense?
which weighs more, one liter of ice, or one liter of water?
a piece of gold has a mass of 1080.0 grams and a volume of 56mL. Find the mass of the gold. D=M/V
19.29 g/mL
true or false
there are only about 100 different kinds of atoms that combine from all substances
true or false
atoms are the smallest subdivision of matter that still remains its chemical properties
What makes an element distinct?
the number of protons
Molecular compounds are formed between..
two non-metals
which of the following is not a compound? air, ammonia, water,salt
Which of the following is not a mixture? granite, anmonia, air, beach sand
In an electrically neutral atom, the number of protons in the nucleus is balanced by an equal number of
the smallest particle of those listed below is:
molecule, atom,proton,quark
Which has the greatest number of protons in nucleus? gold, mercury, lead. silver
the air in the room has..
mass, weight, energy, or all
ionic compounds are formed between..
one metal and one non-metal
All of the following are isotopes of Hydrogen except,
protium, deuterium, tritium, or duodenum
compared to the atoms that make up the body of an elderly person, the atoms that make up the body of a newborn baby are...
the same age
a homogenous mixture is called a solution. true or false
soil is an example of a .....
heterogeneous mixture
water is an example of a...
vertical columns on the periodic tables are called...
oxygen is an example of an...
saline solution is a compound. true or false
___are formed when two or more elements chemically combine.
isotopes have: the same number of protons, different number of neutrons, a different mass number, more than one is correct.
more than one choice is correct
atoms are: ageless, perpetually moving, small, or all.
horizontal rows on the periodic table are called...
one can _______ separate a mixture of salt, sand, and iron fillings.
a dam is thicker at the bottom than at the top partly because..
water pressure is greater with increasing death
the pressure in a liquid depends on the liquids...(2)
density and depth
Pumice is a volcanic rock that floats. Its density is..
less than the density of water
a completely submerged object always displaces its own
volume of fluid
compared to the density of water, the density of a fish is...
the same
what is the buoyant force acting on a 10-ton ship floating in the ocean?
more than 10 tons
the buoyant force on an object is least when the object is..
partly submerged
blood pressure is normally greater in your...
when holes are drilled through the wall of a water tower, water will spurt out the greatest horizontal distance from the hole closest to...
the bottom of the tower
a lobster crawls onto a bathroom scale submerged at the bottom of the ocean. Compared to its weight above the surface, the lobster will have an apparent weight under water that is...
ice cubes submerged at the bottom of a liquid indicate that the liquid...
is less dense than the ice
the volume of water displaced by floating 20-ton boat...
is the volume of 20 tons of water
compared to an empty ship, the same ship loaded with styrofoam will float..
lower in the water
buoyant force is greater on a submerged.. 1-cubic block of lead or of aluminum?
the same
a boat loaded with scrap iron floats in a swimming pool. When the iron is thrown overboard, the pool level will
there is a legend of a Dutch boy who bravely held back the Atlantic Ocean by plugging a leak near the top of a dike with his finger until help arrived. Which of the following is most likely? impossible, force on finger was huge but possible, force on his finger would have been less than 1 N, or both pressure and force would have been great.
force on his finger would have been less than 1 N
To multiple the input force of hydraulic lift, the input end should be the one having the _____ ______ piston.
smaller diameter poston
flatten a spherical meat ball into a hamburger and you increase its...
surface area
flatten a spherical meat ball into a hamburger and you increase its...
surface area
surface tension is a direct result of..
cohesive forces between two molecules in a liquid
which block applies less pressure on the table? a vertically laid block, or horizontally laid block?
vertically laid block
this state of matter takes the shape of its container.
this causes a water droplet to stick to the wall of a water bottle
what is the equation for pressure?
p= force / area
what is the SI unit for pressure
sound waves are_____.
when air molecules become tightly packed together they are____.
A sound wave with a low amplitude sounds _____.
sound waves travel faster if temperature is cold. true or false
which of these does sound travel fastest through? steel, water, rock, air
what is the function of the ridges on your outer ear?
they direct sound into your middle ear
Your eardrum is like a real drum because both____.
what is unique about the hammer, anvil, and stirrup?
smallest bones in your body
These carry electro-chemical signals from the inner-ear to the brain.
this tiny bone passes vibrations from the eardrum to the anvil.
the smallest bone in the human body is the ____.
Cilia are,
tiny hairs that move when vibrated causing a nerve impulse to form.
we cannot hear sounds in outer space because
a. sound waves cannot travel in space.
b. only transverse waves travel in space
c. longitudinal waves require a medium to travel in
d. all
e. none
sound waves below 20 hertz are ____.
infrasonic and inaudible
sound waves above 20,000 hertz are ___.
ultrasonic and inaudible
when a hammer and a mug fall and hit the ground they sound different because. . .
they have different natural frequencies.
the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in 1940 is an example of . . .
wind generated resonance
a foghorn has a ____ and a _____.
low pitch, low frewuency
the molecules in a room-temperature glass of water jostle around at a ___.
great variety of speeds
evaporation is a cooling process and condensation is a ___.
warming process
to say that evaporation is a colling process is to say that the...
more energetic particles escape.
a hot dog pants to..
help evaporation occur in his mouth and bronchial tract
steam burns are more dangerous than burns caused by boiling water because steam
a. gives additional energy when it condenses
b.has more energy per kilogram then boiling water
c.both are correct
d.both are incorrect
both are correct
we feel uncomfortable warm on a muggy day becasue water molecules are___
evaporating and condensing on our bodies at the same rate
when a gas is changed to a liquid, the gas
releases energy
when a solid is changed to a liquid state, the solid
releases energy
when heat is added to boiling water, its temperature___
it remains the same
for increased atmospheric pressure, the boiling temperature of a liquid___.
goes up
near the top of a mountain, water in an open pot boils at___
a lower temperature than at sea level
hot water has relatively high rate of
to turn ice at zero degrees Celsius to water at zero degrees Celsius we must add___.
when bringing water to a boil in the mountians, the time needed to reach the boiling point__.
less than at sea level
firefighters find that the temperature of burning material is best lowered when water is
sprayed at a fine mist
consider a steaming aluminum soda-pop that contains a small ammount of boiling water. When it is quickly inverted in to a bath of cooler water the can is dramatically crushed by atmospheric pressure. This occurs becasue the pressure inside the can is rapidly reduced by..
condensation of steam energy
when a block of ice at zero degrees Celsius melts, the ice..
absorbs energy but does not change its temperature
what happen when the water vapor in the aire cool?
it condenses to make tiny water droplets
clouds are made of..
water droplets, dust, and smoke particles
clouds that are puffy with a flat bottom are...
cumulus clouds
clouds that form in layers are..
stratus clouds
how many water droplets are needed to make a cloud?
fog is usually made of..
stratus clouds
humidity changes depend upon
what do you call it when water vapor molecules join together?
which of these air temperatures can hold the most water? warm air, cool air, freezing air, room temperature air
warm air
when are air molecules moving their slowest?
at colder temperatures
the dew point is the temperature at which:
the air is fully saturated with water vapor
what does it mean if the relative humidity is 100 percent?
the air is totally full of water vapor
the four common states of matter include: gel, gas, plasma, one is correct, 2 are correct
2 are correct
what does it mean when a wave's amplitude increases?
it's carrying more energy
what medium do seismic waves travel through?
the ground
what do wave carry from place to place
evergy; but not matter
which of the following are electromagnetic waves?
radio waves
what can you infer about a wave with a short wavelength?
it has a high frequency
an ocean wave is an example of a:
transverse wave
the sof sounds of physics are examples of:
longitudinal waves
a pulse sent down a stretched rope that is snapped at one end is an example of:
transverse waves
wave f requency describes:
how frequently a vibration occurs
the frequency and the period of a wave are related to each other in that they are:
they are reciprocals of each other
if a pendulum is shortened its..
frequency increases and period decreaSES
Lightning is seen before thunder is heard because
light travels faster than sound
a super-fast fish is able to swim faster than the speed of sound in water.:
a. this fish would create a sonic boom
b. this fish would create a shock wave
c.this would not create a sonic boom
d.two of the above are correct
d. two of the above are correct
the antinodes of a standing wave are the regions of:
mzximum energy and maximum displacement
this phenomenon occus when multiple waves overlap eachother.
a tuning fors has a frequency of 280 hertz and the wavelength of sound is produced is 1.5 meter. Calculate the velocity.
v=WL x F
420 m/s