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Draw a conclusion

When asked to Draw a conclusion, that conclusion MUST BE TRUE as a result of only the given premises
It is a little deduction based only upon info that you have been given.

Stay close to the Premise

Close answers:
- Simply restate one or more of the premises, using Synonyms
- Might be a mathematically or logical deduction
- Look for answer choices that simply restate the info in the passage.

Synonyms for Conclusion

Inference, assertion, prediction and claim

Use Real Numbers

Ex. When given a percentage, then apply to an amount and you can deduce a actual number.

Make an Inference

"Make a Conclusion" - The inference should follow directly from the premises; it should be unequivocally true according to those premises.

Wrong Answer Choice Types: Out of Scope

Answers require you to assume at least one piece of information not EXPLICITLY presented in the argument.

Wrong Answer Choice Types: Wrong Direction

Answer choice might provide a conclusion that is the opposite of what the argument says.

Wrong Answer Choice Types: Switching Terms

Or otherwise propose faulty mathematical or logical reasoning.

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