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presentation graphics

Microsoft PowePoint is a complete ____ program that allows you to produce professional-looking slide shows.

database management

All of the following are PowerPoint features except

word processing

The ____ feature in PowePoint allows you to create bulledted lists, combine words and images, finda nd replace text, and use mulitple fonts and type sizes.

use the less is more principle

When choosing words for PowerPoint slides, ______.


The ___view is the default view when a user opens PowerPoint.


The basic unit of any PowerPoint presentation is a ____.

vertical scroll bar

When a second slide is added to a presentation, a ______ appears on the right side of the Slide pane to allow users to move forward or backward through the presentation.


The ____ is considered the control center in PowerPoint 2007.


Infomration that you would like to share with your audience but not appear on the slide can be written in the ____ pane.


Groups are located on a particular _____.


The most often used commands are located on the ____ tab.

the Mini toolbar

What is initially transparent, disappears if not used, but is bright in appearnace when the mouse is move over it?

Office button

What is the cirular button in the top-left corner of the PowerPoint window called?

in alphabetical order running from left to right

How are themes arranged in the Themes gallery?


If you want text indented on a line to create a lower-level paragraph, ___ the text.

dashed line

A selected placeholder is indicated by a _____.

Slide show

The ___ button is used to view the PowerPoint presentation in full screen view.

type the new word

If you have highlighted a word and want to have a different word replace it, what must you do?


The charting feature of PowerPoint assists users in devleoping a presentation using an outline format and/or impoarting outlines from word processing programs.


PowerPoint users can insert artworka nd multimedia effects, including pictures, photos, sounds, and movies, into a presentation.


The Ribbon contains tabs, scroll bars, and the status bar.


The Mini toolbar contains button for bold, itlics, and alignment.


A shortcut menu appears when you right-click an object.


When a line of text is too long to fit in a placeholder, the text is automatically line wrapped.


A saved presentation is refereed to as a file.


The drag and drop method can be used for text but cannot be used for objects such as graphics.

the view buttons

The status bar consists of information about the document and ___.

Page Up and Page Down

You can run through slide in a slide show by clicking the mouse or using the _____ keys.


The Delete and _____ keys on the keyboard will delet a word from a PowerPoint slide.


Slide layouts have ____ arranged in various configurations for containing text or visual content.


Which of the following layouts includes pacholders for text and content? comparison, title slide, title only, section header


A single media file includes all of the following except ____. movie, animation, sound or text

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